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How to Fix Invalid Image Error JPG? (Quick Guide)

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How to Fix JPEG Invalid Image Error Message
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Looking for the answer to the question… “How to Fix JPEG Invalid Image Error Message”… Go through this blog… as it has been solely dedicated to answering this particular question, along with other queries related to it…!!

Your landing on this page is a clear indication that you are onto the stage of losing your favorite pictures… means… every time you are trying to open a specific image… you are getting the message:

“Invalid Image”

Well… if this is the case with you… friend … trust you… you don’t need to worry at all…

For this type of critical situation, we have completely got your back…

What you are just required to do is… trust us… follow what we guide you… and we assure you… By doing this, you will fix your image issue…

OK… so firstly there are numerous ways you can fix JPEG Invalid Image Error message…

The very first way we would like to introduce you to “How to Fix JPEG Invalid Image Error Message” is the usage of “Stellar JPEG File Repair Tool”… aka Stellar Photo Repair Tool

Well, this photo repair tool does comprise skills, efficient enough to repair photos… no matter they got corrupt or damaged because of whatever reason.

Yes… this means… this tool is potent enough to fix JPEG invalid image error message issue.

However, the question arises… why this photo repair tool only… and not any other one… as today there are numerous such photo repair tools available in the market.

Well, the answer to this WHY is… the proficient features of this photo repair tool… which are rarely found in any other software of the same niche.

Proficient Features of Stellar JPEG Repair Tool

Stellar Repair for Photo Online

  • Do repairs damaged, corrupted, inaccessible, or errors such as invalid JPEG image.
  • Very quickly repair RAW image files & JPEGs.
  • Repair photos captured or taken with DSLRs, Android phones, iPhones, action cameras and etc.
  • Repair RAW files of popular camera brands say… Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony and etc.
  • Provide you with a ‘Preview’ of the repaired photos, allowing you to check for any inconsistencies in the repaired files before saving them.
  • Comprises easy-to-use intuitive GUI.
  • Complete trusted software, available at an affordable price.
  • 100%  safe and secure to use.



So, this was just the one way to fix JPEG Invalid image error message… Further, more ways will be briefed. Nonetheless, we recommend you to go this way only… as it’s proven 100% working… when it’s about how to fix invalid image error jpg.

Now before moving towards other ways to fix invalid image error: unknown image format, we think it’s important for you to know the causes liable behind the occurrence of this error or issue and yes… symptoms of this error as well.

What Causes JPEG Invalid Image Error Message

Here below find… reasons liable behind the occurrence of “JPEG Invalid Image Error Message”…

  • Virus/malware attacks
  • Clicking or capturing images… when the camera’s battery is drastically low.
  • Hard Disk comprising bad sectors… This affects the stored JPEG files in the system.
  • Corrupt or Broken JPEG file.
  • Incomplete scanning of the JPEG files also results in photos corruption.

OK… so here we end up on causes leading to the occurrence of JPEG invalid image error…

Now very quickly jump onto ways to invalid image repair online…

How To Fix JPEG Invalid Image Error Message

As mentioned above, using the Stellar Photo Repair Tool is the finest way to fix JPEG invalid image errors…

Now have a look at how to use the Stellar Photo Repair Tool to fix invalid image errors… 

How To Use Stellar Photo Repair Software on Windows

  • Download and install Stellar Photo Repair Tool onto your computer system… Now click Add File to repair corrupt/damaged image files.


  • Select files for repairing. Click Repair to start the repairing process.


  • Click Save button to preview and save repaired images onto your desired location onto the computer system.



Other Alternatives To Fix JPEG Invalid Image Error

Here below ones are also proficient ways to fix: Invalid Image Repair Online

Download JPG or JPEG File Again (how to open invalid jpeg image)

Many times, images or any other types of files don’t get downloaded properly, because of the internet issue. Now, these are the files that on being opened, generate the issue of invalid files.

So, now you have understood the point.

The case goes the same with JPG/JPEG file…

Whenever an internet issue happens, while downloading JPG or JPEG image… then there are chances of emerging “Invalid Image Error” issue.

Well, in this issue, what you are required to do is … download the JPEG image file again from the same source.

This would for sure help you out on how to open invalid jpeg image

Rename  JPG/JPEG File

One another very simple way to fix invalid image error: unknown image format is to rename the particular image file.


Rename the image which is stating the message:

Invalid Image

But, one thing you need to assure while renaming a file is that… you have to save the file in the (.jpeg) extension and then launch or open it.

Rebuild the JPG/JPEG Backup

It is always suggested to keep an extra copy of your vital photo files as a backup.

So, in this case, if you’re having a backup of your JPG file, you can access it from there.

Convert the JPEG File Extension To Distinct Image File Format

To do this, follow the set forth steps:

  • Open the JPEG image in Adobe Photoshop or any other photo editing software.
  • Save the JPEG image with the different image file formats. To do this, click File and then select Save As
  • Now in the window, the field selects the file extension to another file format says .png or .bmp. Now click Save to save the image with the new file format.

Open the image and see whether it’s opening or not.

Open JPEG Image with an Internet Browser

If have tried all the above-mentioned ways and are still unable to fix JPEG invalid image error issue… you should try opening it with a reputed web browser.

To do this, follow the set forth steps:

  • Make right-click on the image and then select the Open With option.
  • Now select the browser to open up the file.
  • Once the file gets opened up in the browser, save the image from there. Or you can take a screenshot here of the image and then can further edit it with an image editing tool.

Run CHKSDSK Command

JPEG file stored in the storage media often leads to invalid image error JPG/JPEG. This actually happens because of the bad sectors present on the data storage drive.

Well, in this situation, what you are required to do this ‘run the CHKDSK command’ to fix this issue…

To do this, follow the set forth steps:

  • Connect your SD card or USB drive to your PC.
  • Tap Command Prompt >> type “CHKDSK (drive/letter) / r” under a command window.

Chkdsk - invalid image repair online

  • After this, CHKDSK will itself check for the error or bad sectors & will repair them.
  • Once the process gets completed, check whether you have access to the photos stored with the drive or not.

Check for Compatibility Problem

Sometimes it happens that the software or application through which we open our JPG photos isn’t compatible with the device.

Well, in this case, you need to assure to run the application in the compatibility mode and then open the JPEG photos.

·        On your Windows PC, make right-click on the specific program in which you’re trying to open your JPEG images. Now select PROPERTIES.

·        Go to the COMPATIBILITY tab. Select run this program in compatibility mode and then click OK.

Unhide All the File Extensions of the JPEG file

It might be possible that all the file extension of the JPEG files has been hidden on your Windows PC. So, it’s important to assure that the file extension matches the actual file type, or else the image will not open.

The reason why this happens is… every time you try to open your JPG file, Windows runs the same error… because of the non-availability of file extension in your Windows PC, for opening a JPEG image with that extension.

Well, following the below-mentioned steps will help you out unhiding all the file extensions of the JPEG file:

  •  Onto your Windows PC, go to Control Panel, click Appearance, and personalization. Now click File Explorer Options.


  • Go to the “View” tab. Select Show Hidden Files & Folder. Now uncheck hide extensions for known file types. Click Apply.

hide-extensions-for-known-file-types-how to Fix JPEG Invalid Image Error Message

Now open up your JPEG image. We hope this to one of the coolest ways on how to fix the JPEG invalid image error messages.

OK… so here finally ends up with How to Fix: invalid image error: unknown image format. 

Now let’s have a look at the solution of some queries related to this particular issue: Fix JPEG Invalid Image Error Message.

Related Queries

How to Repair JPG Files After Recovery?

Often it happens that even the recovered JPEG files do have issues and so can’t open up.

If you’re encountering the same, you can try to fix them in image editors such as Lightroom and Photoshop. Nonetheless, one thing you need to keep in mind is that… these editors don’t work in cases of inaccessible or severely damaged JPEG files.

Well, with the aforementioned ways, you can repair JPEG files, not opening even after recovery.

Note: Amongst all the discussed ways. Going for Stellar Photo Repair Tool is the finest way.

How to Fix Invalid Image Files After Data Recovery?

The same aforementioned answer goes in the response to this question as well.

How to Repair Unsupported Image File?

The finest way to repair an unsupported image file is to convert the file type into a supported one. This conversion ensures that the file remains intact and you can open it up with the program you want. For this conversion, you can go for some online conversion websites.

How To Open Invalid JPEG Image?

The answer to this question is the same as the just above mentioned one…

How To Repair Corrupted JPEG Files Free?

Stellar Photo Repair Software is the best way to repair corrupted or damaged JPEG files for free.

The software is available in FREE  version. With this version, you can recover your corrupted files and can have a preview of those recovered files.

However, in order to save those recovered files, you need to go for its PAID version. Mean, you need to purchase it.

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