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Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool Price [Features, Specs & Reviews]

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Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool Price

Since you are here for info on Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool Price… so you must be aware of the fact that…

Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool… the most powerful and trustworthy tool or software to convert non-working OST into Outlook PST file is available in various editions…

Quickly have a glance at them along with their respective prices…

Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool Price [Pricing Plans]


$79 [BUY NOW]


$149 [BUY NOW]


$199 [BUY NOW]


 Note: Sometimes you may find Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool availability on other third-party websites… But remember, never buy this Stellar from any website, other than its official website. Only Stellar’s official website provides you with a guarantee that the product is 100% genuine. 

So, this was about Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool Price…

Now individually we will be briefing about the editions available… however before that, we think it’s important to provide you with a quick glimpse of what this software is actually… why it there in the market and why it’s the best amongst all the software available thereof the same niche…

Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool


Trusted by MVPs and IT administrators… Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool is the best to convert inaccessible OST files into Outlook importable PST file.

Packed with highly powerful and enhance programming skills, the tool very efficiently extracts all the mailbox items from OST and then save them as PST with 100% precision.

The tool does fulfill all the requirements of MS Exchange and MS Outlook users, without leading to any single email loss.

It is compatible with all the MS Outlook versions… say Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and older versions.


Comprehensive Features of Stellar OST To PST Converter Software

Here below find the salient features of Stellar OST To PST Converter Software… Going through these features will make you realize the fact that Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool price is worth it…!!

Converts the Large-Sized OST File

Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool has been precisely tested to convert large-sized OST files. The tool very efficiently converts the large OST files in situations when MS Outlook or Exchange Server is about to crash or encountering a disaster.

Extracts All Mailbox Items

The tool very easily and quickly extracts the emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, calendars, journals and etc. Moreover, it also extracts the deleted mail items from the offline data file (OST).

Previews the Complete Mailbox Data

The software furnishes users with a detailed preview of the mailbox items stored in the converted OST file. Here, the user can click an email, folder, calendar, or several other mailbox items listed in the Preview pane to view its contacts.

Converts the Encrypted OST File

Whenever an OST file gets encrypted… it becomes inaccessible. However, the Stellar OST To PST Converter Program makes these files accessible via converting them to PST files.

Converts the OST into Multiple File Formats

The tool enables the users to extract the mailbox data in various distinct file formats like MSG, PST, RTF, HTML, or PDF.

The feature enables the user to view the mailbox contents in applications like Web Browser, Outlook, PDF Reader, Text Reader and etc.

Sort & Organizes the Messages

The tool very effectively extracts mailbox data in an organized manner, while of course maintaining the original arrangement of mail items.

Free OST To PST Converter

The tool is available in a FREE version… With this free version, you can convert and extract 20 emails per folder. This version scans the OST file.

Once done with the scanning of the Outlook PST file, you are provided with a preview of the converted OST file. Here you can extract the mail items in a PST, via clicking the ‘Save Converted File’ button.

This Demo Download Version Available ultimately makes the tool worth it.


Converts Multiple OST Files in a Batch

The tool very efficiently converts multiple OST files into PSTs, via a single batch process.

This feature is especially applicable for organizations, which are about to move to a new email service and do require extracting the mailbox data from various OST files.

These multiple OST conversion features are available in Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool Technician Edition.

Exports the OST Data To Office 365

The software directly exports the OST to PST converted files to Office 365.

Here you can log in to an Office 365 account and can export the mailboxes directly via its interface.

This Office 365 migration feature is also available in Stellar OST To PST Converter Software Technician Edition.

Split the Large-Sized PST File

Technician edition of this tool can split the PST file by Size, Date, Email ID, and Folder.

The tool very efficiently split the PST file in sizes of 1-50 GB, while preserving the original organization of the mailbox data compact.

The tool is highly useful in improving the manageability of large PST files.

This splitting feature makes the Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool price absolutely worth it.

Compact the PST File

The Technician Edition of the tool can compact a PST file, via compressing all the attachments in a PST file or extracting and saving the attachments in a folder.

Moreover, the tool can also extract, compress and save the attachments in a  folder, while keeping the interlinks intact.

OK… so these were salient features of Stellar OST To PST Converter Software.

Now have a quick glance at how this software works or how to use it to convert OST files to PSTs.

Nonetheless, before that… it’s mandatory… to have an idea of the system requirements needed to install and run this Stellar Software.

Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool Technical Specifications

ProcessorIntel-Compatible (x86, x64)
Operating SystemWindows 10,8.1,8,7
Memory4 GB Minimum (8 GB Recommended)
Hard Disk250 MB for installation files


How To Convert OST To PST File with Stellar OST To PST Conversion Tool

Step 1: Download Stellar OST Converter Tool. Now install it.

Note: Always buy this Stellar tool or any other one from Stellar’s Official Website only. It’s the only one which guarantees to provide 100% legitimate product. Purchasing Stellar OST To PST Conversion from other websites can bring malware infections in your system… and other issues. also. So, buy it only from its official websites.

Step 2: Launch it. Now click Select Outlook PST in the Home tab in the top ribbon. A pop-up screen will appear to Browse or Find the OST file for conversion.

stellar-converter-for-ost-home-screen-1 (ost to pst converter free download)

Step 3: Click Browse, if aware of the location of the OST file. Or click Find to search the OST, if its location is unknown. Now click Convert to initiate OST to PST conversion process.

stellar-converter-for-ost-select-ost-file-2-best ost to pst converter

Step 4: The software is converting the OST file. Here the estimated conversion duration depends on the OST size.

stellar-converter-for-ost-converting-ost-file-3 - stellar converter for ost 10 activation key

Step 5: Once done with the conversion, the software previews the Outlook mailbox folders and deleted items in the left pane. Here you can browse and select mailbox items via selecting individual folders.

stellar-converter-for-ost-preview-mailbox-items-4 - ost to pst converter free download

Step 6: Select the folder (s) for conversion and then click Save the converted file in Home Tab. Next, a pop-up screen will appear with file formats, to save the extracted mailbox data. Here select PST and then click Browse. Click OK to save the mailbox items.

stellar-converter-for-ost-save-converted-pst-file-5 - ost to pst converter open source

Step 7: The progress bar will get shown, displaying the current status of the file saving process. Here you can click Stop to halt the process.

stellar-converter-for-ost-saving-pst-file-6 - microsoft ost to pst converter

Step 8: The OST To PST Converted File will get saved at the specified destination. Here click OK to finish the process.

stellar-converter-for-ost-saving-process-completed-7 - better than ost to pst converter crack


>>Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool Online Purchase from Official Website<<

That’s about how to use Stellar OST To PST Converter Software and how to get the most out of your paid Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool Price.

Now when it’s about installing or purchasing this software, there is the term which is heard a lot… Stellar OST to PST Converter License Key or Stellar Converter for OST 10 Activation Key.

So, if confused with this… then you don’t need to…

This key is actually a type of code in which you purchase the tool.

So, after purchasing when you download the tool and install it in your system, you are asked for this Stellar OST To PST Converter License Key… at that time you are required to enter this code. And then after only, you will be able to launch the software on your system.

Now besides this key, there is one more term associated with this software which is really very common… Stellar OST To PST Converter Crack…

So, what’s it?? Check it out quickly…

Stellar OST To PST Converter Crack

Stellar OST To PST Converter Crack is a version of this Stellar software, which is not offered by the Official Developer of this tool.

Yes… you heard it right…!!

It’s not the official developer of this software who provides this software.

There are some third-party websites that do offer this software…

Now interesting fact about this software is that they provide the user with all the premium features of the mail tool, without paying any single penny.

This means you can enjoy or can use the paid features of Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool free of cost.

Now despite the fact that availability seems highly lucrative… one should not go for it…

Since behind this profitable and exciting face, there hides the malicious intention of this Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool Crack version.

This version onto being installed in the system poses numerous dangerous issues in it.

Without the user’s consent, steal their personal stuff and then pass it to the bad people, who further use it to generate illicit revenue or for other vicious purposes.

Moreover, often the crack version comes bundled with malicious threats, which means computer viruses… which of course everyone knows… wreak havoc on the PC.

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Stellar OST To PST Converter Review

Stellar Outlook OST To PST very efficiently extracts all the mailbox data like emails, attachments, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes from OST files… even in the situation when Outlook is inaccessible.

Nuno Mota

Absolutely excellent software by Stellar to convert offline OST to PST file.

Edward van Biljon

Using Stellar OST To PST Conversion Tool since 2010 as an MSP provider and must say the software has worked absolutely wonderful for Outlook 2003 to 2016 conversions of OST files.

Daniel Beato

 OK… so yeah… here ends up all about Stellar Outlook OST To PST Converter Tool. 


Hopefully, now you are clear on Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool Price… or Pricing Plans and all.

Nonetheless, if still, any query persisting… Kindly feel free to ask in the comment section below… Or from a blogger’s point of view, if you feel like there is anything missing here… please do suggest us.

Any advice would be absolutely appreciable…


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