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Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool [OST to PST Converter Free Download]

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Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool

This blog is wholly dedicated to Stellar OST to PST Converter tool. Here you will learn about all the fundamentals of OST files. You will get to know about scenarios in which the requirements of OST to PST conversion emerges.

A quick glance at Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool Online:

  • Converts large OST file to PST… with absolutely no file size limitation
  • Convert encrypted OST into PST. Moreover, do convert IMAP OST file
  • Exports the  mailbox data from OST to Office 365 (Technician Edition)
  • Converts OST into Multiple File Formats
  • Sort & organizes the messages
  • Allow saving and loading the scan file
  • Convert multiple OST files in a batch
  • Splits the large-sized PST file
  • Compacts the PST file…

These are the features of Stellar OST To PST Converter Software…

Details about these features we will be dealing with below…

But before that, you need to understand the reasons, that lead to the requirement of OST to PST conversion.

Nonetheless, if in hurry, you can proceed with this software’ downloading procedure…

Note: Alike other Stellar software, this software is available in both Free & Paid version. With the free version, you can preview the converted file and can save 20 items per folder. However, to avail more usage of this tool, you need to for its licensed version… This means you need to purchase it.

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Why You Need Microsoft OST To PST Converter

You need the OST to PST converter, when you wish to convert Outlook offline (OST) data file to Personal folders (PST) file.

Below mentioned are the reasons for this conversion:

  • Exchange server becomes dismounted or non-functional because of crash
  • Damaged OST files make Exchange mailbox data inaccessible
  • Move mailbox data from one location to another
  • Scarcity of effective and efficient OST file repair utility
  • Move or migrate data of exchange mailbox database to Outlook
  • Data recovery after mistaken deletion or corruption of OST files

About Stellar OST To PST Converter Online

Stellar OST to PST Converter tool is a highly powerful tool for converting inaccessible OST files into importable PST… This all irrespective of the OST file size of course.

Being programmed with enhancing algorithmic skills, the tool very easily and quickly converts all the mailbox items, like email attachments, calendars, contacts, deleted items and etc, allowing you to save them as PST with 100% precision of course.

The tool moreover facilitates its users with an option to save individual emails in MSG, PDF, RTF, EML, and HTML format.

Stellar OST to PST Converter Tool is compatible with all the latest MS Outlook versions, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, & 2000.

The Technician edition of this Best OST to PST Converter can split & compacts large PST into smaller PSTs, as per the size or date.

Later on, will discuss Stellar OST to PST Converter tool features in detail… However here have a quick glance on the main features:

  • Converts large OST files to PST – No file size limitation of course
  • Converts encrypted OST to PST. Moreover, also converts IMAP OST file
  • Exports mailbox data from OST to Office 365 & Live Exchange (Technician Edition)


Salient Features of Stellar OST to PST Converter Tool

Here below you will get to know about the highly comprehensive features of Stellar OST to PST Conversion Tool. You will get to know how it’s the best OST To PST Converter Online.

Converts the Large-Sized OST File

Stellar OST to PST Converter Tool has been tested rigorously for converting very large-sized OST files. And guess what, obviously the tool has passed all the tests. The Stellar converter tool very effectively converts the large OST file in situations, when Microsoft Outlook or Exchange Server is crashing or even encountering a disaster. Moreover, in case if Outlook is facing any other harsh synchronization issues, then also the tool is potent enough of performing a conversion.

The tool converts the OST file effectively and extracts the data with 100% precision.

Extracts All the Mailbox Items

The Stellar OST to PST Converter tool can easily and quickly extract the emails, contacts, attachments, tasks, notes, journals and etc. Further, the software can extract the deleted mail items from the offline data file (OST).

It’s a proven fact that Stellar OST to PST Converter Online Tool is the best solution for users who wishes to move the OST file to PST and then extract the mailbox data from the OST file.

Previews the Complete Mailbox Data

The software provides its users with a detailed preview of the mailbox items stored in the converted OST file. The user can further click a folder, calendar, email, or several other mailbox items listed in the Preview pane, in order to view its contents.

Moreover, the Preview feature helps in identifying and extracting the specific items from the offline data file (OST).

Converts the Encrypted OST File

Users might encounter errors while trying to open an encrypted OST file, leading to a loss of access to the mailbox data. However, converting the encrypted OST file to a PST file can resolve this issue.

The Stellar OST to PST Converter Tool very effortlessly converts the encrypted OST to PST… Hence, allowing access to the mailbox data.

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Free Unlimited OST to PST Converter

As mentioned above, the Stellar tool is available in both FREE & PAID version. Now, the difference between the two is that the free version converts the Outlook OST file into a PST file and then provides you with the previews of the complete mailbox data. Moreover, it also allows you to extract and save up to 20 items per folder.

Converts the OST into Multiple File Formats

This Stellar OST to PST Conversion tool allows you to extract the mailbox data in different file formats, like MSG, PST, EML, HTML, RTF, or PDF.

This feature moreover, furnishes its users with the option to view the mailbox contents in applications like a web browser, Outlook, text reader, PDF reader and etc.

Sort & Organizes the Messages

The tool extracts the mailbox data in an organized manner while maintaining the original arrangements of mail items.

Once done with the OST scanning, the software enables sorting and organizing of the emails by date, From, To, Subject, Attachment, Type, Importance and etc.

Allows Saving & Loading the Scan File

The tool provides its users with the option to save the OST file ‘Scan’ information as a DAT file and then load it later, in order to continue the conversation. This feature is highly beneficial in splitting the OST to PST conversion process in two stages, doable at different times or in different situations.

Converts Multiple OST Files in a Batch

The tool converts multiple OST files into PSTs via a single batch process. The feature is beneficial especially when an organization is about to move a new email service and needs to extract mailbox data from several OST files.

Extracts the OST Data to Office 365

The Stellar OST To PST Converter tool is capable of directly exporting the OST to PST converted files to Office 365. This ultimately enables users to log in to an Office 365 account and exports the mailboxes directly via its interfaces.

This OST to Office 365 migration feature is available in Technician Edition of the software.

Compacts the PST File

Technician edition of this Stellar conversion software can compact a PST file, via compressing all the attachments in a PST file or extracting and then saving the attachments in a folder.

Further, the software can also extract, compress and then save the attachments in a folder, while preserving interlinks via the PST file.

Splits the Large-Sized PST File

The Technician edition of this software can split a PST file by size, Email ID, Date, and Folder.

The tool can split the PST file in the sizes of 1-50 GB while preserving the original organization of the mailbox data.

This feature is beneficial a lot when it’s about improving the manageability of large PST files.

Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool – Technical Specifications

Release DateAugust 2020
LicenseSingle User
Version SupportMS Outlook: Office 365, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

System Requirements

ProcessorIntel-compatible (x86, x64)
Operating SystemWindows 10, 8.1, 8,7
Memory4 GB minimum (8 GB recommended)
Hard Disk250 MB for installation files

Steps To Use Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool

Step 1: Install and Run Stellar OST to  PST Converter Tool


Step 2: Launch Tool. Click Select Outlook OST in the Home tab in the top ribbon. A pop-up screen will get appear to Browse or Find the OST file for conversion.

stellar-converter-for-ost-home-screen-1 (ost to pst converter free download)

Step 3: Click Browse if unaware of the location of the OST file. Or click, Find to Search the OST if its location is unknown. Now click Convert to initiate OST to PST Conversion Process.

stellar-converter-for-ost-select-ost-file-2-best ost to pst converter

Step 4: The software is converting the OST file. Here the estimated conversion duration depends on the OST file size.

stellar-converter-for-ost-converting-ost-file-3 - stellar converter for ost 10 activation key

Step 5: Once done with the Conversion procedure, the software will preview the Outlook mailbox folders and deleted items (red color) in the left pane. Here you can browse and select mailbox items via selecting the individual folders.

stellar-converter-for-ost-preview-mailbox-items-4 - ost to pst converter free download

Step 6: Make a selection of the folder(s) for conversion and click Save Converted File in the Home tab. A pop-up screen will get appear with file formats, in order to save the extracted mailbox data. Here select PST and click Browse. Now, click OK to save the mailbox items.

stellar-converter-for-ost-save-converted-pst-file-5 - ost to pst converter open source

Step 7: You will see a progress bar, showing the current status of the file saving process. Here you can click Stop to abort the process.

stellar-converter-for-ost-saving-pst-file-6 - microsoft ost to pst converter

Step 8: The OST to PST converted file is saved at the specified location. Here click OK to finish up the process.

stellar-converter-for-ost-saving-process-completed-7 - better than ost to pst converter crack


Implementation of all these steps will automatically convert the inaccessible OST file into a portable and readable PST file.

Customer’s Testimonials

My problem at the time was to recover an old but important Outlook file in order to retrieve the Contacts folder and older correspondence. It took three tries before I was able to successfully recover and retrieve what I wanted.

Bill Pankow

I realized a little too late that I only had the.OST version from a prior computer and needed the.PST in order to access some files from my new machine. Happily, I quickly found the “Stellar Converter for OST”.

Susan Loeper

Stellar Data Recovery is impressive when it comes to any type of data recovery, the last experience made me go for Stellar once again to convert lost OST file to PST Using Stellar OST to PST Converter. I personally recommend this.

Karl Bickmore, CEO


How to convert OST to PST with the help of Stellar OST to PST Converter Tool?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to convert an OST file into a PST file:

  • Run Stellar Converter for OST
  • Browse and then select the OST file
  • Click the Convert button to initiate the conversion process
  • Click Save Converted File button to save the mailbox data
  • Select PST as the file format, in order to save the converter data in PST file
  • Click Browse to specify the location and then click OK to save the data.

What I can do with Stellar OST to PST Converter Free Download

With the free demo version of Stellar OST to PST Converter tool, you can convert the Outlook PST file and can preview the complete mailbox data. Moreover, can extract and save up to 20 items per folder.

The situation is like, I don’t know the location of my OST file. Then how can I locate my OST file using OST to PST converter

Stellar Converter for OST allows you to search for the OST files stored in any folder, sub-folder, or drive in your system. Use the Find Outlook File feature of the software to locate your OST file location.

Is it OK to go with Stellar OST to PST Converter Full Version with Crack Free Download

Well, this is one of the most common queries about Stellar Converter for OST. Now we know Stellar OST to PST Converter Tool is not a cheap tool, but its good enough of course. Agree with the fact that on the web you can find its crack version, and what that at a free price, you can avail all its premium services, but that’s not that.

Actually the crack version when getting downloaded downloads several other vicious files in the system. This is harmful to the system. So, it’s suggested never to go for Stellar OST to PST Converter Full Version with Crack Free Download

Which is the latest version of Stellar OST to PST Converter Tool?

Stellar OST to PST Converter 10 is the latest version of this Stellar tool. Have seen people curious about Stellar OST to PST converter 10 activation key. Well, its nothing special. It’s just when you will purchase the licensed version of this software, you will get one activation key to enable all the premium features. It’s just that only.

What about Stellar OST to PST Converter 9.0 Keygen?

It’s the older version of Stellar OST to PST Converter tool.

OK… so here finally the blog ends up… Hopefully, you enjoyed it reading and it got proved beneficial for you…

Further in the future also, will be updating such technical blogs. So, stay tuned with us.

And Yes, in case of any query with this blog, kindly feel free to discuss in the comment section below.

Thanks & Regards


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