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A Comprehensive Guide on What is Cydia and How to Use it

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What is Cydia
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Wondering about what is Cydia and what does it mean for your iPhone?

If looking for so, your search ends here. Read this detailed guide on Cydia to get to know more about it.

Cydia is one of the most popular app store alternatives available for only jailbroken devices.

It was the first ‘unofficial’ app store offering a ton of third-party apps, mods, and tweaks that can help you to change the way how your device looks and works.

It just has so much to offer that in some cases it even beats Apple’s app store.

And do you know what’s best about it…Cydia is completely free to download and use.

But but But…how can you download and use Cydia as it only works for jailbroken devices.

Through today’s detailed guide on what is cyndia, we will let you through all that this unofficial app store has to offer for you.

Foremost, let’s get a bit more about Cydia and how to jailbreak your iPhone.

What is Cydia App?

Apple devices are great!!! Isn’t they?

Yet, there is a flaw; Apple doesn’t allow programs that replicate the functions found on the device. Additionally, they also restrict apps that may cause damage to the device upon its usage.

However, under certain conditions, you can get all these apps with the best app store alternatives.

For those who really need those, Cydia is the one that can help.

As already mentioned above, Cydia is the most popular alternative that offers mods, tweaks, and much more to its users.

Moreover, to get all these, we believe you need to have info on how to download and install Cydia on your device.

How to Download Cydia on Your Apple Device?

Through, we aren’t going with a step-by-step guide since the internet is filled with how to use Cydia without jailbreak or with jailbreak.

But here are some general steps that you can look at to install the Cydia app on your device at your own risk.

Step 1:

The first and foremost step involved is to jailbreak your device.


Thereafter, search for on your safari browser


Click on the download Cydia free button which will run a compatibility check with the device and IOS version


If all goes good, you will now see an install Cydia button; just click on it and follow the mentioned directions

Till now, you’re aware of Cydia and how to download it for free. But what’s the gain if you don’t know how to use Cydia for downloading all those that even the app store doesn’t offer.

Let’s let you through how you can use Cydia to download apps to continue our guide on what is Cydia.

How to Install App from Cydia?

You have successfully downloaded and installed Cydia on your device. Right!

If so, here’s a quick look at 5-easy steps on how to install app from Cydia on your IOS device.


Look for the Cydia app on your device


Tap to open it (it may take a while to open at the first time)


If it asks for an update, allow it


Now, use the inbuilt search function to find apps


Once found, install it as usual

But be careful, there are also some risks involved with this best app store alternative. The next section is solely dedicated to this only.

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What are the Risks Involved with Cydia App?

Like every other software, Cydia also comes with certain flaws.

With unauthorized apps, you are making yourself more prone to yourself towards virus attacks, privacy violations, and so on.

Here are some more that are assorted with it.

  • There’s a high chance of a Virus, Trojans, Trackers, and Malware attack
  • Your device may load up with malicious code
  • You may need a heck of work to keep your device and app updated

And last but not least, you may cut yourself off from apple’s official support and service.

Most Frequent Asked FAQ’s

#1. Is Cydia safe?

Cydia is generally safe for those who install jailbreaks through the official sources and use only preinstalled sources.

#2. What are the alternatives to Cydia?

There are a ton of Cydia alternatives that you can install at your own risk like TweakBox, iNoJB, AppValley, and so on.

#3. How to delete Cydia?

Fed up with Cydia and looking to delete it completely from your device. You can just restore and erase everything from your device to get rid of the Cydia app.

#4. Can you undo a jailbreak on your device?

Yes, you can. Jailbreaking is an absolutely reversible process. To do so, update your device’s firmware and restore it from phone backup.

#5. What are the benefits of jailbreaking your device?

Apart from risks, jailbreaking your device also comes with several benefits like:

  • Unlocks your device
  • You can customize your device settings
  • Can install unauthorized apps
  • Can works with another GSM carrier’s sim card

#6. What is the purpose of jailbreaking your phone?

The sole purpose is to gain access to the entire file system of your device. Additionally, it also removes restrictions regarding the use of the device in a different wireless network.

Should you Jailbreak You Device and Install Cydia

There are plenty of people who are satisfied with their decision of Cydia installer.

But do we recommend jailbreaking your device to download this free app….Absolutely not.

Based on its risks, you are exposing more of yourself towards the risks rather than the pros.

Virus, Trackers, and Malware attacks are a quite few names that come assorted with it.

If you ask us, we strongly recommend using a device that you can afford to brick.

However, at the end of the day, you’re the decision-maker. So here’s all in this detailed guide on what is Cydia.

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