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Amazon Package Not Delivered On Time? – What To Do

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Fed up of Amazon Delivery Services and want to know what can you do about your delivery-related query. Here read this blog to know – What to Do When Amazon Order not arrive, Amazon Order Not Received by Estimated Delivery Date or if you want Amazon Lost Package Refund.


Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce retailers in the world, it handles and ships a large number of packages per day.

We all are shopping online through many eCommerce platforms like Amazon and many other platforms. But, while ordering and delivering, there are so many issues in that process that we face and is really annoying.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to solve some of these customer’s problems along with the solutions for it. Have a Read…………….


What to do When Amazon Order not Arrive?

When you search on Google entering about Amazon delivery problems. You will see a lot of people complaining about this.

If you ordered a product and after several days, weeks, or even months have passed and it is still showing in delivery status that the seller still hasn’t shipped it.

Amazon will not charge your credit card until your order has been confirmed or shipped, so don’t panic and you can cancel the order by going to Accounts and Lists> Your Account > Your Orders and select Cancel Order.

So, this is all you can do if looking for – ‘What to Do When Amazon Order not arrive?’


If Amazon Package Never Arrived

If you have ordered an Amazon package and you are just looking into your dashboard and tired of it seeing “Your amazon package is not delivered or it has delivered” and yet it is not received.

Amazon has issued a guideline for handling this situation you can also have a look at this checklist

  • Check the Shipping Address
  • Check the date of the expected Delivery Date
  • Checking the vicinity of the delivery location
  • Check with the neighbors
  • Do you have Amazon Locker?
  • Check in the postal box, some deliveries use regular postal service
  • Wait 36 hours, as packages may show as delivered and it’s still in transit

Sometimes Amazon says package delivered but I didn’t get it, in that case, wait for some time as it may be in transit.


If still your Amazon order never arrived, you need to contact Amazon directly

  • Log into your Amazon
  • Go to Help > Browse Help Topics > Need More Help > Contact Us.

You will see all your recent order on the screen, click on the order you are facing problems and scroll down and select an issue, and check issue details.

Choose ‘Tracking’ shows delivered but item not received.

You can choose to reach via email, phone, or live chat, and Amazon will investigate the case and will definitely issue a refund if your Amazon Order not Arrive.

Amazon package says delivered but not here Reddit, it is also recommended to wait for 36 hours, and after that, you can contact them by log in your account.


What to do if Amazon Package Not Delivered On Time

Amazon is known for its fast deliveries, but all this company just misses it and there are so many cases for late deliveries.

It is an issue for Amazon PRIME Members who pay extra amount for expedited deliveries.

If Amazon order not received by the estimated delivery date, Amazon gives you a bonus at the time of purchase that if your order is not received, you might be eligible for a free one- month subscription.

Amazon Prime which gets added as a free month to the end of your prime subscription.

And if your item is missing, Contact amazon for that case.


Amazon Lost Package Refund

If your Amazon package is lost we will give you a broad detail on how to check for a Refund.

Amazon offers A to Z Guarantee protection, through which it provides you a guarantee for your product if payment is done through or through Amazon Pay.

To make a claim for your lost product you first need to contact the seller through your Amazon account, then give the seller at least 48 hrs. To respond to it.

If you didn’t have a satisfactory response.


You can file a claim upon it and you should meet any of the following conditions:

  • You have not received your item after 30 days or three days after the estimated delivery date.
  • Your article was damaged, defective or materially different from the one you ordered
  • Your article is not able to found
  • You require a return an item
  • The seller hasn’t calculated shipping charges and you have to pay upon delivery.
  • You returned an item to Amazon but did not receive a refund.

It should be processed within 90 days of the estimated delivery date.


To make a claim:

  • Go to Accounts and Lists > your Account > Your Orders
  • Find the order and click on File/View Claim
  • In the first box, explain the reason
  • In the second box, select Request refund through A to Z Guarantee.


Amazon Package Delivered to Wrong Address

It is the most feared thing anyone imagine during ordering the product, but it’s not a problem.

In a few cases, it happens you can report in the Track Package link stating that delivered to the Wrong address.

But there is no way to ask for a refund there

You can contact Amazon customer service on phone from the contact us link.


How do I Contact Amazon about a Missing Item

If you have ordered a product and it’s never arrived and you are an Amazon Prime Member, you can contact Amazon.

Amazon Prime Member get some benefit at the time of purchasing if you have not received the product in the time frame mentioned,

Amazon gives a free one-month subscription for free.

This free month extension is added as a free month at the end of your existing Amazon Prime subscription’s expiry date.

Sometimes Amazon also gives you discount coupons, vouchers, Amazon prime Discounts and other perks to solve these issues effectively.



We have shown you the process and how to overcome the problems related to late order deliveries, missing items, refunds, and many more.

Amazon Prime members have given some extra benefits, so you should know it as you ordered a product through it.

They offer good customer service, just you have to order anything very carefully.

You have to keep your account safe, as fraudsters are creating the problem. You should keep your card details safe, ensure that you pay through Amazon Pay.

It is the best payment option for ordering a product.

So, this was all about – “What to Do When Amazon Order not arrive”. If you enjoyed reading this blog, then give us your feedback in the comment section box below.

Till then, Stay tuned…………


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