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NSA Director Expect Ransomware Attacks for Next Five Years

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NSA Director Expect Ransomware Attacks for Next Five Years
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NSA Director Expect Ransomware Attacks for Next Five Years

Director of National Security Agency, Paul Nakasone …uttered on Tuesday that Ransomware can be expected every single day for the next 5 years.

Moreover, he also said, that the US must be constant with the efforts to fight these threats.

Though in a conference hosted in Washington DC, General Paul M. Nakasone, the director of national intelligence….also said, that NSA should focus on Ransomware, as “Surge Operation

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Moving on with this, you might not have that much information about NSA, though…let’s grab some more details related to the threats & also about the agency.

When Was the NSA Founded?

NSA also stands for National Security Agency….was founded on 4th November 1952.

Moreover, the NSA is responsible for global monitoring, processing, of information for foreign & domestic intelligence purposes.

Albeit, its headquarter is located in Fort Meade, Maryland.

Though, talking more about it, between then & at the end of the cold war….it became the most prominent of the US Intelligence Organizations.

Furthermore, the NSA currently conducts worldwide data collection & also alleged to have been behind the dangerous data threat, like Stuxnet which severely damages Iran’s nuclear program.

The NSA, rather than CIA & DIA, maintains a physical presence all across the globe.

Moreover, as you know about the director NSA, though the CIA Director is William J. Burns.

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NSA Director Expect Ransomware Attacks for Next Five Years

As we have already discussed…. General Paul M. Nakasone….predicted on Tuesday about the Ransomware attacks for the next 5years.

Though, during the conversation at Mandiant’s Cyber Defense Summit, Tuesday, Nakosene also said, that we are constantly engaged & being persistently engaged means you have different insights & unique capabilities that you can easily bring forward.

Moreover, there are also some matters, where you can take the help of a National security advisor, for these matters.

Along with that, Mandient CEO, Kevin Mandia, whose company responds to these malware & Ransomware attacks noted the saying of Nakosene, “to keep the uniform on”.

Are Ransomware Attacks New?

There is nothing new about Ransomware attacks, however, they have mounted so much over these years.

The covid 19 pandemic also has contributed to the escalation of these attacks.

However, the cybercriminal is playing smart moves by going behind the accessible groups like schools, hospitals, & institutions as they have very sensitive data & are more likely to pay the Ransom money quickly.

Well, the Ransomware attacks have become so much visible that it has now become the National Security Threat in the recent months.

Though, being a prominent attack, it is following high profile Colonial Pipeline, which provides 45% of the East Coast’s fuel.

Moreover, the Biden Administration will bring together with the 30 countries to discuss cyber security later in October.

Along with that, the Deputy National Security Advisor, Anne Neuberger…called for the “Counterransomware Initiative” focusing on cryptocurrency, disruption, & diplomacy.

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Some More Information about NSA Director Expect Ransomware Attacks for Next Five Years

“There is an enormous deal of interest from countries around the world participating in these matters and we are discussing how we can work together and build lasting partnerships to be more valuable. For these difficult problems, “Neuberger said.

Asked by Mandia if he believes the United States will be hit by ransomware every day for five years, Neuberger said he “hopes” not.

Nakasone was pessimistic about the future of the ransomware attack but expressed optimism about the public’s interest in cybersecurity and the talent pool that works for the government after a difficult year in the attack. rice field.

“I think our country recognizes how important cybersecurity is to our economy, our intelligence capabilities, and our defenses,” said Nakasone. “I feel very good about the future and I feel very good about where we are heading.”

Now, here ends the discussion about the threat the US is facing & going to face more in future….now let’s come to encounter the problems we are riveting as an individual.

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Wrapping Up

Reading this Article where “NSA director expects ransomware attacks for next five years”…you might have understood one thing for sure that, Ransomware is now national security issue.

Though, regarding this….the federal Govt. has also announced no. of initiatives in reaction to the Ransomware attacks.

Okay, now we end the discussion here… I .hope you have understood everything….if there is any issues….please tell us in the comment section below.

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