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Stellar Repair for Exchange Tool [Best Exchange Repair Tool]

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Stellar Repair for Exchange
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 One of the best exchange server recovery tools i.e., Stellar repair for exchange has come up for you with wide advantages.

Moreover, trusted by MVPs and IT Administrators the stellar exchange database repair tool recover dismounted databases.

Although, the exchange database repair tool comes with a user-friendly interface that aids the administrators to fix dirty shutdown errors.

Thus, if you are agonizing with certain EDB errors, then read the overall blog to resist all the issues of EDB files.

Now, going ahead let’s grasp the cutting-edge features of the exchange recovery tool.

Stellar Repair for Exchange

The stellar exchange recovery tool proceeds with some database recouping capability.

Moreover, the exchange server recovery tool aids in repairing the damaged database due to hectic server hacking.

The enhanced features of the exchange database recovery tool allow the recovery of mailboxes from large sizes EDB.

With an all-embracing technology, the exchange server EDB recovery tool has no file size limitations.

Although, the topmost version of the exchange database repair tool supports Ms. Exchange server 2003, 2007, 2010. 2013, 2016, 2019.

Also, the tool comes in both paid & free versions, moreover, with the free version, you can preview your recovered mailbox items stored in the EDB files.

The Demo Download version available below…

Comprehensive Features of Stellar Repair for Exchange

  • Recuperates corrupted Exchange EDB files.
  • Converts EDB files into multiple files formats like PST, RTF, MS, EML, PDF, & HTML.
  • Performs eDiscovery search
  • Previews The Mailbox Items Before Saving.
  • Exports recovered mailboxes into live exchange and office 365.
  • Recovers public folders and corrupted mailboxes.

Stellar Repair for Exchange System Requirements

ProcessorIntel-compatible (x86, x64)
Stellar Repair for Exchange Free Download

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 & server 2008, 2012,2016


4 GB minimum (8GB recommended)

Hard Disk 250 MB of free space


About the Product [Stellar EDB Repair Tool]

LicenseSingle/ Multiple
EditionCorporate, Technician, & Toolkit
Version Support2019, 2016, 2013, and lower versions

So, this was all about the product and its specifications…

Thus, to grasp more about the stellar repair for exchange tool keep reading the blog.

Also, let’s see some of the dominant features of the exchange server EDB recovery tool.

Extensive Features of Stellar EDB Repair Tool

Below, are some of the all-inclusive features of the exchange server recovery tool

  • Sets Mailbox Priority

The EDB recovery tool provides the option to save mailbox priority before exporting the mailboxes to PST, Live Exchange, or Office 365.

Also, the software aids you to change the mailbox priority by selecting the priority queue number.

Although the feature is helpful when there is a need to export critical mailboxes quickly.

  • Converts EDB Files into Multiple File Formats

The high algorithm features of the tool recover the EDB files and precisely saves them into PST, Live Exchange, and Office 365.

Into the bargain, it also provides the facility of saving the file into different file formats like EML, PDF, RTF, or HTML.

  • Quick scan

The stellar exchange recovery tool allows the quick and extensive scan option to repair damaged or corrupted files.

  • Parallel Processing

The Stellar exchange recovery tool has the enhanced feature of saving mailboxes simultaneously.

Note: You might prefer reading Stellar Repair for Outlook to know about the Stellar PST Repair Tool.

Furthermore, the Exchange Recovery tool saves up to 4 mailboxes at the same instant to PST, Live Exchange Server, or Office 365.

This process remarkably reduces the time required to recover and repair mailboxes.

For instance, the tool also yields an option to map the mailboxes manually to export existing or deleted mailboxes.

  • Recuperates Deleted Exchange Mailboxes

The powerful EDB recovery software recovers all the accidentally deleted mailboxes including all mailbox components.

In the same way, the tool also highlights the deleted mailboxes in red color and deleted icon.

Afterward, the user can see and review the deleted mailboxes before saving them, into PST or any other file formats.

  • Supports Unicode Recovery

Along with recovering the EDB files the Stellar exchange recovery tool also supports Unicode recovery.

Likewise, the tool can recover the mailbox data of any language.

  • Splits Folders

The Stellar Repair for exchange splits the hundred and thousand mailboxes files.

Moreover, the exchange server recovery tool limits the saving up to 10 % and splits them into another folder.

  • Exports the repaired contacts to CSV

The exchange database recovery tool exports the recovered contacts to CSV formats.

Additionally, it helps the user to use the checkbox and select the contacts from all the mailboxes and save them into CSV formats.

  • Free Review of Mailboxes

The Exchange Server Recovery Software repairs the corrupted and damaged database files.

Along with that, the Exchange Recovery tool displays the enhanced preview of mailboxes into a three-pane Window.

Moreover, the feature helps in the selective recovery of the mailboxes and verifies them before saving.

Thus, users can see the preview of all the mailbox items like Emails, Attachments, Notes, Calendars, etc.

  • Free tool

One of the Improved features of the Exchange Server Recovery tool i.e., Stellar repair for exchange is it comes in both paid and free versions.

Likewise below is the Online purchase available of the tool or if you want to preview your files you can also download the free version.


Three Top Uses to Recoup EDB Files

Below mentioned are the top usages of Recoup exchange database files…

  • Mounting of Exchange Database

The Exchange Database Mounting leads to the inaccessibility of mailbox files.

As a result, the Stellar exchange database repair tool helps to repair the hectic mounting issues.

Moreover also exports the mailboxes to PST, Live Exchange Server, and Office 365.

  • Jet Engine Error

The error occurs due to the damage in the Exchange Server Database files.

Thus, to resolve this issue the Stellar repair for exchange recovery tool recovers the jet engine by repairing the databases.

  • EDB Corruption

Some of the issues like server crash, power failure, etc may lead to the dirty shutdown of database damage.

So, for the exchange dirty shutdown repair, the tool vividly regains access to corrupted EDB files.

Now looking at such lucrative features, you must have made your mind to buy the tool.

But, before purchasing the Stellar systools Exchange Recovery Tool you must know about its price details.

So, here below we are furnishing you the relevant pricing about the Stellar Exchange Recovery Tool.

Stellar Repair for Exchange Price Plans

Corporate$ 399
Technician$ 599
Toolkit$ 999

So, this was the exact pricing Stellar Repair for Exchange Pricing Plan that varies with different editions.

Moreover, after purchasing the tool how can you run it on your system if you don’t know the methods to install it and further use it.

although, for your convenience, we have come with all the required steps to use the Stellar Exchange Recovery Tool that is listed below.

Steps to Use Stellar Repair for Exchange Tool [Stellar Toolkit for Exchange]

Step 1: Click on the “Browse” option to select the EDB files.

Stellar exchange recovery tool Step 1

Otherwise, click on “find” if you don’t know the location of EDB files.

Also, change the “Temp Path” if the size of the database is too large.

Step 2: The tool will inevitably find the stored EDB files in a folder or sub-folder.

Stellar Exchange server recovery step 2

Step 3: The “quick scan” option is the faster way to repair the corrupted EDB files.

stellar Exchange database recovery step 3

In the same manner “extensive scan” is used for inclusive scanning of the corrupted EDB files.

Step 4: After the scanning of the recoupable mailbox files, it will be listed on the left pane.

Stellar Exchange server recovery software step 4

Now, you can preview precise mailboxes that you want to recover.

Step 5: Click on the “Export to live exchange” option from Save As menu.

Stellar Exchange recovery tool Step 5

Now select “next” to export the mailboxes to the live exchange server

Step 6: Select the Outlook profile with the administrator, put the password.

Stellar EDB recovery tool Step 6

Now provide the details of “Domain Authority” where the AD is installed.

Then, click “next” to export recovered mailboxes to the desired server.

Step 7: A map window will get open in which the software automatically maps the user mailboxes to the desired exchange server.

Stellar repair for exchange Step 7

It also provides the option to map the mailbox manually, like creating the mailbox and applying the filters before exporting.

Step 8: A saved dialog box will open with queued mailboxes.

Stellar Exchange recovery tool Step 8

You can also click on the remove button rather than pending mailboxes to stop the repair.

Or you can click on the “Stop All” button to halt the recovery process.

Step 9: A process complete dialog box will appear with the export summary.

Stellar Exchange server recovery tool Step 9

Moreover, it also yields an option to resume the saving mailboxes if the pending mailbox were stopped during the process of export.

Step 10: Click on the “Export to Office 365” option from the save men.

Stellar Exchange database recovery software Step 10

Now, click on “next” to export the recovered mailboxes to Office 365 profile.

Step 11: Click on the Outlook profile with Admin privileges, then enter the password.

Exchange server recovery software Step 11

Now, click on Ok to export the recuperated mailbox folders to Office 365 mailboxes.

Step 12:  A map mailbox window will appear again; the software will automatically map the user mailbox.

Stellar Exchange recovery tool Step 12

Moreover, it also allows to manually map the mailboxes and apply filters before export.

Step 13: A saved dialog box will open; you can view and manage the queued mailboxes.

Stellar EDB recovery tool Step 13

You can also click on the stop button to terminate the recovery process.

Step 14: A process complete dialog box will appear with a summary of saved mailboxes.

Stellar repair for exchange Step 14

Also, you can resume the recovery that was removed or otherwise click on the “OK” button.

Step 15: Click on the “Save Option” from the home bar to save the recouped mailboxes into the supported formats.

Stellar Exchange database recovery Step 15

Here we’re selecting PST format to save the recovered files.

Step 16: Now, select the location where you want to store the recuperated file and then, click on “ok”.

Stellar Exchange recovery Step 16

Step 17: In the save mailboxes Window you can set or change the priority of the most important mailboxes to repair first.

Exchange recovery tool Step 17

Also, the mailboxes are arranged in alphabetical order and also provide the option to find mail.

Step 18: A 6 column saved Window will be displayed.

EDB recovery tool Step 18

You can also remove a mailbox in pending status using the “Remove Action Button” or stop the whole mailbox saving by clicking on the stop All button.

Step 19:  A dialog box will appear with the process complete with saved mailboxes.

Exchange server recovery Step 19

Click on “OK’ to complete the saving process.

Step 20: Click on export to the public folder from the save menu.

Exchange server recovery software Step 20

Now export the public folder to the destination exchange server.

Step 21: Click on the configured Outlook profile with admin authority, then enter the password.

Stellar repair for exchange Step 21

Now, click on “ok” to export public folders to the destination exchange server.

Step 22: After the process is complete, click on the “ok” option to close the dialog box.

Stellar EDB recovery tool Step 22


So, these were some of the basic steps to install and run the Stellar exchange server recovery tool.

Hence, with this Stellar exchange recovery tool, there are two terms that are very popular.

What are they? Is it good to go for them?

Here below we have detailed info about both the term Stellar repair for exchange activation key & Stellar repair for exchange crack.

Keep reading to apprehend about them…

Stellar Repair for Exchange Activation Key

The Stellar Activation key is a kind of code required to install the Exchange database recovery tool.

Likewise, when you purchase the tool you are provided with this registration key code.

That’s all about the activation key, hence it’s very important while installing the tool.

Remember, without the code, you’ll not be able to run the software.

Thus, the Stellar EDB recovery tool comes in Corporate, Technician, and, Toolkit Versions. The same goes with the activation key.

Now, come to the next….

Stellar Repair for Exchange Crack

Well, you must be aware of this term Crack, if not we’ll describe it in brief.

So, Stellar repair for exchange crack is the version of the Stellar exchange database repair tool.

Moreover, it is one of the free versions of the Stellar PST repair tool that yields all the premium to the users without any cost.

Yes… you heard it right…

You don’t have to waste a single penny to avail the lucrative features of this tool.

Yet, this crack version is not developed by the official developer.

Then, who’s the developer?

Well, it’s developed by some third-party cyber frauds with many malicious intentions.

Although, we’ll not also recommend you this version.

You want to know the reason behind our recommendation.

Well, the tool only seems money-spinning but comes with many vicious programs.

Moreover, it gathers all the precious and private data of yours and sells them to some third-party websites.

All and out it will do all the vicious things without the consent of users.

So, these were some of the reasons we would strongly not recommend you consider this version.

Hence, always buy the licensed version of the exchange server EDB recovery tool from its official website.

Stellar Exchange Recovery Tool Customer’s Review

Very good support provided by the tool

Dinh Tran


The software really helped me on a bank holiday weekend

Ian Kirkpatrick

Excellent tool and the customer support were also very useful

Bernard Parker

The software is as good as advertised and away easier to work with Microsoft tools.

Colin Santiago

FAQ’S About the Stellar Exchange Repair Tool

Can I recover my exchange database if my file log is missing?

Yes, the Exchange server recovery tool allows the recovery of missing log files.

What is the file size limitation of EDB file Recovery?

There is no file size limitation, you can repair multiple EDB files.

Can I choose the repairing priority of the mailbox?

Yes, Stellar Exchange server recovery software provides an option of mailbox priority, you can also check out the steps.

The Conclusion

So, here our blog ends up finally, we tried to give all the specific details about the recently launched product Stellar repair for exchange.

We hope that you enjoyed reading the blog and found every piece of information useful.

Nonetheless, if you are still encountering any kind of issues tell us in the comment section below.

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