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The Most Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Know | Macbook Pro Sleep Shortcut

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The most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts to know



Here in this blog, you will get the most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts to know… This would help you if Mac is your go-to-device for working online!!

It is sort of essential these days to learn keyboard shortcuts… as this helps a lot in managing the desktop.

In order to help you discover and memorize the most crucial & useful mac shortcuts, we’ve compiled them here all together in a cheat sheet:


Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet




Basic Finder Actions

Cmd + NOpen new window
Cmd + TOpen new tab
Cmd + WClose active window or Close active tab
Shift + Cmd + WClose active window
Option + Cmd + WClose all windows


¹Close all tabs except the active tab

Option + Shift + Cmd + WClose all windows
Cmd + OOpen selected item (s)
Option + Cmd + OOpen selected item(s) and close active window or ¹active tab
Shift + Cmd + NCreate New Folder
Control + Cmd + NCreate new folder and move selected item to it
Cmd + I
Show Get Info pane for selected item(s)




Option + Cmd + IShow Inspector pane for selected item(s)
Cmd + POpen selected file for printing
EnterRename selected item
Cmd + CCopy selected item(s) to clipboard
Option + Cmd + C²Copy pathname of selected item to clipboard
Cmd VPaste item(s) from clipboard
Option + Cmd + VMove selected item(s) to active location i.e. cut-paste item(s)
Cmd + ZUndo last action
Shift + Cmd + ZReverse “Undo action”
Cmd + DDuplicated selected item(s)
Control + Cmd + ACreate alias for selected item(s)
Option+ Control + Cmd + ALocate original item for selected alias(es)
³SpaceOpen Quick Look preview of selected item(s)
³Cmd + YOpen Quick Look preview of selected item(s)
³Option + Cmd + YOpen slideshow or fullscreen Quick Look preview of selected item(s)
Control + Cmd + TAdd sidebar shortcuts for selected item(s)
Control + Shift + Cmd + TAdd selected item(s) to Dock
Cmd + DeleteMove selected item(s) to Trash
Option + Cmd + DeleteDelete selected item(s) immediately
Shift + Cmd + DeleteEmpty Trash
Option + Shift + Cmd + DeleteEmpty Trash immediately i.e. without warning dialog
Cmd + EEject the selected disk or volume
Cmd + FOpen a Finder search window (search bar is activated automatically)
Option + Cmd + SpaceOpen a Finder search window even when Finder is not active

View and Sort Options

Cmd + 1Switch to Icon view
Cmd + 2Switch to List view
Cmd + 3Switch to Column view
Cmd + 4Switch to Gallery view
Control + Cmd + 0⁴Sort items into Groups
Control + Option + Cmd + 0Sort items by None
Control + Option + Cmd + 1Sort items by Name
Control + Option + Cmd + 2Sort items by Kind
Control + Option + Cmd + 3Sort items by Date Last Opened
Control + Option + Cmd + 4Sort items by Date Added
Control + Option + Cmd + 5Sort items by Modified
Control + Option + Cmd + 6Sort items by Size
Control + Option + Cmd + 7Sort items by Tags
Option + Cmd + 1Clean up items by Name
Option + Cmd + 2Clean up items by Kind
Option + Cmd + 5Clean up items by Date Modified
Option + Cmd + 6Clean up items by Size
Option + Cmd + 7Clean up items by Tags
Option + Cmd + SToggle sidebar
Option + Cmd + TToggle toolbar and sidebar
Shift + Cmd + TToggle tab bar
Option + Cmd + PToggle path bar
Shift + Cmd + PToggle Preview sidebar
Cmd + / (Forward slash)Toggle status bar
Cmd + JShow View options for active folder
Shift + Cmd + . (Period)Toggle visibility of hidden files
Up ArrowIcon View, Gallery View: Select last item
List View: Select item above
Column View: Select the last item if no item selected, the otherwise select item above
Down ArrowIcon View, Gallery View: Select first item
List View: Select item below
Column View: Select first item if no item selected, otherwise select item below
Left ArrowIcon View: Select item on the left
List View: Collapse folder
Column View: Select parent folder
Gallery View: Select the last item if no item selected, the otherwise select first item on the left
Right ArrowIcon View: Select item on the right
List View: Expand folder
Column View: Select child item
Gallery View: Select first item if no item selected, otherwise select first item on the right
TabIcon, List, and Gallery View: Cycle through items in the forward direction
Shift + TabIcon, List, and Gallery View: Cycle through items in the backward direction
Cmd + Up ArrowOpen enclosing (parent) folder
Cmd + Down ArrowSelect the first item or open selected item(s)
⁵Cmd + [Go one step backward
⁵Cmd + ]Go one step forward

Accessing Standard Finder Locations

Shift + Cmd + FOpen Recents window
Shift + Cmd + OOpen Documents folder
Shift + Cmd + DOpen Desktop folder
Option + Cmd + LOpen Downloads folder
Shift + Cmd + HOpen Home folder of current user account
Shift + Cmd + COpen Computer window
Shift + Cmd + ROpen AirDrop window
Shift + Cmd + KOpen Network window
Shift + Cmd + IOpen iCloud Drive
Shift + Cmd + AOpen Applications folder
Shift + Cmd + UOpen Utility folder
Shift + Cmd + GThe open dialog to jump to folder using pathname
Cmd + KOpen Connect to Server utility
Cmd + , (Comma)Open Finder preferences

Window Management

Cmd + MMinimize active window
Option + Cmd + MMinimize all windows
Cmd + ` (Backquote)Cycle through (un-minimized) windows
Cmd + HHide Finder
Option + Cmd + HHide all apps except Finder
Cmd + QQuit Finder

Mouse-Based Shortcuts

Cmd-ClickOpen sidebar item in new tab or window
Cmd-Drag Toolbar/Sidebar ItemAdd item to or move/remove the item from toolbar/sidebar
Cmd-Drag File/FolderTo toolbar/sidebar: Add a shortcut
To any location on disk: Move item there
EscCancel drag-and-drop action midway
Double-click divider in Column ViewResize the corresponding column to fit item with the longest name
Option + Double-Click divider in Column ViewResize all columns to fit items with the longest name in each
Option-Drag divider in Column ViewResize columns equally
Option-Click Go MenuReveal link to Library folder
¹When the window has multiple tabs
²If multiple items are selected, the pathname of the first item will be copied.
³If no item selected, preview parent folder with Quick Look.
⁴Does not work in Gallery View.
⁵Based on tab/window history



Ok… so these were the Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet you can know… Now have a look at some more essential & basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts…

The most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts to know



People usually use QuickLook for previewing items they’re looking for…

To make use of QuickLook, you need to select an item in Finder… and then press the Space bar. This facilitates you with a preview. However, using a Mac Shortcuts, you can do this easily…

You just need to select an item and then press Command-Y.




Command-G is a lesser-known keyboard shortcut. This is used to navigate through each instance of the item you desire to find out.

Means… suppose if you are using Command-F for finding out all the mentions of ‘Command’ on your page… and then simultaneously you tap Command-G, you will be able to navigate via each one.

Moreover, you can press Shift-Command-G for moving back to the previous mention.


Command M to minimize  


You can click the little yellow dash button in the upper left corner of a window to minimize it. However, it might be easier to just hit Command M to minimize the active window on our Mac.

If you have multiple windows open then you can go for Option M to minimize all of them.




This Mac Keyboard Shortcut is known to a combination potent enough to change one’s life.

Command-Space invokes the spotlight. You just need to depress these keys and start typing your query.




Open up application switcher… Keeping command pressed, make use of Tab for navigating to the app you hope to make use of.




This keyboard shortcut is known to be the fastest way of making a search or navigating to a website in Safari…

Command-L – Mac Keyboard Shortcut selects the address bar:

You just need to select the proper choice, utilizing the up/down arrows on the keyboard.




This Mac Shortcut shows or hides the Dock from within most apps.




This is one of the least well-known Mac Keyboard Shortcuts, however one of the most useful ones… This combo can get used to move between open windows in the currently active app.


Control – Command-Space


Today, the usage of emoji is quite currently… Well, emojis can get inserted easily into what you write… You just need to use Control-Command-Space for opening up the Character Viewer. Here you can select and use all such symbols.


Fn Twice


Pressing function (fn) key twice launches Dictation on the Mac system.

Start speaking and then press fn once you get done.




In Safari OS, pressing the Option key while selecting the File menu enables you to access the ‘Close other Tabs’ commands.

Note: You can try several other Safari menu items with Options depressed… This will enable you to find other commands you probably weren’t aware of.


Fn-left Arrow (or Right Arrow)


You can jump directly to the top or the bottom of a web page, using the Function key. Moreover the right (to the bottom of the page) or left (to the top of the page) arrows on the keyboard.

You can achieve a similar result utilizing Command-Up or Command-Down.

Further, a third way is to use Control-Tab and Control-Shift-Tab.


Command-Left/Right Arrows


This is one of the most prominent Mac Keyboard Shortcuts.

You are just required to hit command and the left arrow to go back a page in the browser window. Further, hit command right for going forward again.


Command + Shift + T


Using this Mac keyboard shortcut, you can open your last closed tab… This ultimately helps a lot, when you’re researching something and close a window without saving the URL.


Command + Control + Q


This is the shortcut to immediately lock the Mac system.


Option-click to toggle Do not disturb


On our Mac choose Apple menu then system preferences then click notifications. Then click do not disturb at the top of the sidebar, then options schedule to it. We can schedule Do not disturb for a time period when our Mac is in sleep or when our project screen is on. If we want to receive call notifications even when do not disturb is on, select the call tick boxes.


Option Click bar icons


The menu bar runs along the top of the screen on our Mac. Use the menus and icons in the menu to choose commands, perform tasks, and check status. We can set an option in General preferences to automatically hide the menu bar, and then it’s sown only when we move the pointer to the top of the screen.


Option-click the Apple Button


The apple key is used with a single letter key for many of the Mac’s most common actions. Apple key is also known as the command key is labeled with Cmd and quadruple loop symbol. It is used with a single letter key for many of Mac’s most powerful actions. Apple S saves in most common applications for instance, Apple P prints, and Apple T opens a new tab in our web browser.


Command spacebar for the spotlight


If  Cmd + Space doesn’t work, that hotkey may be assigned to another feature on our Mac. First we verify that it is not used for Spotlight by opening Spotlight system preferences and disabling the menu keyboard shortcut under Keyboard shortcuts then spotlight.


Ok… so these were all the Mac Keyboard Shortcuts…

Note: These shortcuts can also be referred to as Macbook pro sleep shortcuts.

Now have a look at the mac keyboard shortcuts symbols…


Mac Keyboard Shortcuts Symbols

Here below some essential mac keyboard shortcuts symbols

Common Mac Symbols

  • Sym: The symbol representing the key
  • Key: The common name of the key
  • CrossPlat?: Whether the symbol is cross-platform. If ‘No’, this means the symbol is unlikely to render appropriately outside the Apple ecosystem.
  • Alt: An alternate symbol utilized in some contexts
  • Alt CrossPlat: Whether the alternate symbol is cross-platform.

Besides from symbols and keyboard shortcuts, there are several Mac Shortcuts App also, you can go for to enjoy quick Mac working experience. About them, we will discuss in our next blog.

Ok… so here finally ends up the most useful Mac keyboard shortcuts to know. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading it and found it beneficial for you…

If any questions for you… kindly feel free to ask us in the comment section!!



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