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 Windows Data Recovery Software for Windows 10/7…. [Free Data Recovery]

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Windows Data Recovery Software
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Data loss has always been an unpleasant part of the digital world, impacting computer users at one time or another.

Moreover, If you will ask one about the data loss experience… it’s guaranteed that no one will define it as a fun experience… Its been always bad. No matter whether one lost data because of some hardware or software failure or accidental deletion or cybercrime… It has always been stressful.

Now talking about the importance of data in today’s life… going professionally, data is the key to businesses. Today business stores their huge data (essential ones of course) onto the hard drive or using some cloud backup.  Onto that, It’s been obvious these days to regularly save the data to a USB stick or an external hard drive.

Now though these means are safe obviously a lot, however yet we face the scenario of data loss from them often.

The data loss definitely seems and sounds worried worthy issue… nonetheless, can get solved via an effective data recovery software…Today these data recovery software are available for all OSs… Since here we are for Windows data recovery software… so will go with it…

Despite numerous data recovery software options available, capable enough to make the process of data recovery comparatively easy and simple, we would recommend you to go for Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software…the best professional data recovery software.


Briefing about the software, we think it’s important for you people to be aware of the fact that Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software review stated below is completely unbiased and includes genuine testimonials from its users. So, you can trust it completely and yes since the software is available in both FREE & TRIAL version…

So, can go for a try of stellar data recovery free download full version without purcahsing it.

If in a hurry, you can free download the software via clicking the link below


>>Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software Free Download<<


Now without any further due, let’s jump quickly into the software section. So, we go…

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software is a secure DIY Windows data recovery and drives monitoring software to recover deleted photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, email data files and etc.

Furthermore, Being programmed with highly sophisticated algorithmic skills, this Stellar software is potent enough to recover data from a variety of storage media.

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software is the Most Trusted Data Recovery Software for Windows

Enable easy and quick recovery of lost or erased files and folders on Windows PC, laptop, or any other external storage media. What makes all these features even more spectacular is that you can do all this from the comfort of your office or home.

  • Quickly recover lost data on all Windows devices & storage media
  • 100% trustworthy, accurate, and effective data recovery software.
  • Built-in support for data recovery on RAW drive volumes.

Stellar Data Recovery For Windows Supports Recovery on All Windows Storage Media

Stellar Data Recovery - for all storage devices

As mentioned above, the software is potent enough to recover data from all types of Windows-based internal and external storage drives.

  • Recover data from all types of hard drive and SSD storage
  • Retrieve data from SD/Memory cards, USB drives and etc
  • Recover data from inaccessible and RAW storage drives.

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows Supports Wide Range of File Types

Stellar best data recovery software - for all file types

The Stellar software has been proven as the best tool for Windows data recovery for a reason… it does offer high-speed recovery of unlimited data on all the Windows devices and storage media.

  • Regain documents, PDFs, photos, videos, and more.
  • Enable selective recovery of files, as per user’s choice
  • Preview retrievable files to facilitate precise recovery

Because of all such features, Stellar has been labeled as the best professional data recovery software.

More Awesome Features of Stellar Data Recovery for Windows

Herewith the below stated features, you will come to know why Stellar is the best data recovery software for Windows 10/Windows 7 and so on…

DIY Windows Data Recovery Software

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software is an absolute easy-to-use data recovery program to retrieve deleted or lost files from your Windows PC, laptop, and external storage media.

The software allows you to scan an entire hard drive or a specific location or folder to recover deleted documents, photos, videos, and several other types of data.

The Stellar Data Recovery for Windows is potent enough to handle common data loss situations, arising because of malware attack, software malfunction, or hard drive corruption.

Retrieve Data from Corrupt Drives

The software is capable enough to recover data from corrupt hard drives and formatted partitions. Comprises a highly powerful Deep Scan Feature to thoroughly run a comprehensive scan on an internal hard drive or externally connected storage media.

With its default Quick Scan function, perform data recovery in all the common data loss situations. Moreover, with its Deep Scan Function, facilitate recovery in severe cases of data loss.

File Sorting for Easy Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows facilitates a neat, well-sorted view of the scan results. This ultimately helps out in quickly identifying the relevant files for recovery. Further, comprises a search result window… in which clicking the Filtered Tree tab in the left pane provides ways on how to filter the files found by the software.

Recover Your Priceless Memories

Referred to as best data recovery software, Stellar not just recover documents, but also the lost or deleted photos and videos. All you’re required to do is click Photo under ‘multimedia files’. This will furnish you with a list of all the images, which you can recover.

Moreover, you can also preview the images and select the ones you wish to recover.

Recover in All Data Loss Situations

This Windows Data Recovery Software comprises a simple and easy-to-use interface… so can get easily used by home users. Efficiently recover data in common data loss scenarios, like malware or virus attack, corrupt hard drives, and etc.

Go for it now to retrieve your documents, photos, and videos from any Windows device, USB, camera SD card, or any other Windows-compatible storage media.

Recovers Data from All Storage Media Devices

Allows its users to easily and quickly recover data from any Windows-compatible storage device. Embedded with powerful programs, the software is potent enough to recover data from hard disk, pen drive, mobile/camera memory card, SD cards (Mini SD, Micro SD, and SDHC card), and Mini Disks.

What you’re required to do is just plug the storage device to a Windows PC through USB and then scan it, utilizing the software. Further, you can preview and recover the deleted data in just a few clicks.

Save Scan & Resume Recovery

This Windows Data Recovery Tool facilitates its users with an option to save the current scan and resume everything anytime later. This feature has been designed with the intention of saving both time and effort of rescanning the disk and lets you recover data at your convenience.

Quick & Deep Scan

The software comprises two distinct modes – Quick Scan & Deep Scan.

Quick Scan is there to handle most of the data recovery cases… nonetheless… A deep scan is there to recover data from formatted or corrupt storage.

Whenever software gets unable to find data in Quick Scan, it automatically switches to Deep Scan.

Note: You might prefer reading stellar data recovery for iPhone

Software Specifications:

ProcessorPentium Processors
Operating SystemWindows 10/8.1.8/7/Vista/XP
Memory2 GB Minimum (4 GB Recommended)
Hard Disk250 MB Free Space

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software Price Plan










Here is the detailed price plan of Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software according to the different versions…

Now, if we briefly talk about these different versions, then the Professional version only recovers the data from different files, the Premium Version repair the corrupted data along with the recovery process.

Lastly, the Premium version covers all the premium features along with recovering lost or formatted Raid logical volumes.

After all the above explanations, there are two more important terms, one is stellar data recovery activation key & the other is stellar data recovery with crack.

So, let’s move ahead and get an explanation about them individually.

Stellar Data Recovery Activation Key for Windows

So, the activation key is a kind of code given to users during the purchase of stellar phoenix data recovery Software.

Onto that, while installing the Software, the activation key code is required.

Well, you should be aware of the fact that the activation key is very crucial for the stellar phoenix windows data recovery tool.

Also, the activation key comes in different versions like the stellar data recovery online for Windows Software.

Stellar Data Recovery Crack for Windows

The Stellar crack is the free data recovery software version of Stellar.

Moreover, by free we mean that you can avail all the features of the Software without spending any kind of money.

So, basically, it looks like a very lucrative deal, but do you know that this crack version is not developed by the Official Developer.

Although, by all the profitable features, it’s not really beneficial to go for the Software.

Now, you must be wondering why?

See, the stellar data recovery with crack version is developed by some third parties and their intention to develop this version is only to steal your data.

So, what happens is when you install the crack version in your system, then it might steal or corrupt your useful & private data.

Altogether, it’s better to pay some money rather than being convicted by the malicious software.

And, if you want to go for the trial version, then, you can opt for Stellar free data recovery software for windows 10.

How To Use Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

In order to use Stellar Window Data Recovery Application, firstly you’re required to download it from its official website: Stellar Data Recovery for Windows. Though you may get the software from somewhere else… however, this will ensure that you get the latest, genuine software, without any extraneous adware or vicious software packaged with the tool.

Click The Free Download button below to download a copy of the software on your respective PC. Note: The software does require only a few MBs of the drive space.


  1. Double-click the .exe file to install Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software
  2. Onto the Select Setup Language dialog box, select the preferred language from the drop-down list. Here you can change the language even after installation from Advanced Settings
  3. Complete the installation procedure, via following the instructions of the wizard. Restart PC
  4. Finally, launch the Stellar software by double-clicking the software icon present on the desktop. Now the main interface of the software will open.

From Here The Main Steps Start on How To Recover Data With Stellar

  • Select: From the ‘Select What to Recover’ screen, opt for ‘All Data’, in case if you don’t want to specify the file type and render the intelligent recovery task to the software. Or else, you can unselect the first option and select only those file types from the subsequent options which you specifically want to recover. Click Next

Select What to Recover - free unlimited data recovery software

  • From the ‘Recover From’ screen, specify the data loss location. Choose ‘Desktop’ to recover data from the emptied Recycle Bin case. Moreover, for files shift-deleted from a specific folder, select Choose Location to specify the exact folder. Or else you can select the connected drive from where the user has deleted data.

specify data loss location - best professional data recovery software

  • Scan: Upon the completion of the select operation, click the Scan button to perform a quick scan of the selected location. Here, users can turn on the Deep Scan toggle switch, before clicking the Scan button to perform a comprehensive scan of the selected location. Or else you can click ‘Click Here’ link beside Deep Scan. This is mainly to do when the recovery engine does not show the needed files

Click SCAN - best data recovery software for windows

  • Preview: During the scan time, the wizard displays a real-time preview of the scanned files onto the top-right pane. You can set this as ‘Turn Off/On Preview’. Once the scan gets over, the wizard segregates items into three distinct views… File Type, Tree View & Deleted list. Click the Deleted list tab to open up all the deleted items in the folder structure. Here click the required file to preview.

see preview - data recovery software for windows 10

  • Recover: Once the file previewing session gets over, make the selection of all the desired files, which are to get recovered. Click the Recover Onto the Recover dialog box, click browse to specify the destination to save the recoverable files. Select ‘Advanced Settings’ to specify the compression option, recovery option, or to add up a filter. Click ‘Start Saving’ to save the file to the specified location

recover files - best data recovery software for windows

Note: Users can use this DIY software in a similar manner with simple on-screen instructions, in order to recover data from all the data loss scenarios.

So, go and purchase the stellar phoenix windows data recovery full Software from the official website. The link is provided below.

You Can Use:

  • Can’t Find Drive’ option to recover lost partition
  • Recover from Disk Image’ to create an image of the storage drive that’s compromised with bad sectors. Or can use an already created image for recovery.

So, this was all about Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software… how it’s the best free unlimited data recovery software for Windows 7 & Windows 10 and etc.

Now its turn to have a glance at its awards and all.

Likewise, The Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software has been awarded by several real big authorities or brands. Those brands have tested the software and then have recognized it as excellent.

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows Awards

Stellar Data Recovery is one of the best data recovery tools we’ve used, with highly customizable searches, a huge file-type library, and deep scan abilities.

5 star rating - Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

Tech Radar

Stellar Windows Data Recovery software did well with the two hard drives I tested it with, as well as an SDHC card with photos. It recovered the .mov portions of movies on the card as well, but not the forked headers that Canon uses. By and large, Stellar Windows Data Recovery 6 works quite well, and as with all recovery programs, you can download the demo and see if it works for your particular recovery problem.5 star rating - Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

PC World

Stellar can help you recover potentially lost files with the least amount of frustration possible.5 star rating - Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software

Top Ten

Ok… so these were from the experts… Now let’s hear it from its users… See what they think about the Stellar Data Recovery Program…


My biggest win after using this software is that I had recovered all my lost data from my old hard drive. My hard disk was almost dead, and I had to recover all my stuff from it. So I planned for using this software. I am glad to have this software.

Peter Waun

The application is really good for recovering data from the corrupted hard drive. I used it to retrieve photos and videos from the corrupted drive and this worked so smartly to recover all my files.

Amanda Sam

I installed this software on my Windows laptop for recovering the lost files. I spent only 30 minutes in the recovery process and found all the lost data back. Will give 5 stars to the software for its fine scanning and recovery result.

Jimmy Kim

Now we think when it’s about reviewing a software, its sort of mandatory to include FAQ. So, here we go…



Can I Recover Deleted Files from the desktop with this software?

Yes, you can… since the software is capable enough to recover deleted data from desktop.

How much time Stellar Data Recovery take to recover data?

The recovery time relies on the size of hard disk or volume.  However, If you find scanning running, it means that the software is working and you are required to wait for the scanning procedure to get complete. Upon the completion of the scanning procedure, you will be able to save the recovered files at your desired location.

Does Stellar Data Recovery for Windows support exFAT partitions?

Yes, with Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software… you can safely recover data from any exFAT-based volume or drive. The software does support FAT (FAT16/FAT32) and NTFS partitions.

Is it possible to recover deleted emails using this software?

Yes… of course. You can easily go for this software to recover deleted email data files. The software can recover EMLX, EDB, PST, MSG, NSF, MBOX, EML, GWI, DBX, and several other email file types.

What are the limitations of the Free Demo Version of this Stellar Data Recovery Software?

With a free demo version of Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software, you can freely scan your Windows device, can free preview the scanned files, and recover up to 1 GB of files without any charge. However, to recover more data, you can require to go for its licensed version… means you need to purchase it.

Altogether, this was all about the stellar windows data recovery software, nevertheless, if you have any further queries, ask us in the comment section below.

Download Stellar free unlimited data recovery software

Buy Stellar – Best Data Recovery Software


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