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5 Simple Methods on How to Fix Mac Error 102

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how to fix mac error 102

Got Mac Error Code 102 issue, and looking for ways to fix it?

If yes, then, read this post as here we will provide you with brief instructions about the error and show how you can troubleshoot this problem on your Mac system.

But before that let’s understand what this Mac Error 102 mean and why does this occur……

What does Mac Error 102 mean?

Mac error code 102, is a common Mac issue that indicates a problem just happening on your computer, and it will not be disappeared until you get it fixed well.

In most cases, this error issue appears on the computer with a specific error message, such as:

  • oTypeErr = -102, /*No object of that type in scrap*/
  • crapFlavorNotFoundErr = -102, /* == noTypeErr*/
  • sOldSystem = 102, /*System is too old for this ROM*/

This error 102 also occurred at the time of update showing messages like “Can’t Update MacBook Pro Error 102” or “Error 102 MacBook Air Update not possible”.

Also, for iTunes 12.4.3 update, it says an error iTunes 12.4.3 Error 102 has occurred or something went wrong with the update 102 as well as “Error 102 Mac Update 10.8 5 not possible”.

All these problems occur due to Mac Error Code 102. So, to fix these errors one needs to follow some methods to resolve it. These methods include both “Manual” and “Automatic” ways which are discussed one by one in the upcoming section……

Possible Causes of Mac Error 102

Although Apple Mac is a remarkably a stable and friendly-used machine, you still would encounter this Mac Error 102 message for some improper operations on the computer.

According to people’s experiences, they often encounter this error 102 because of the following problems:

  • Too many junk files and remnant files of uninstalled programs accumulated on the computer
  • Program running issues
  • Malware or virus infection
  • Installed applications or other processes are out-of-date
  • Unknown disk problems
  • A great number of files stored on the computer desultorily

Now you may know what happens to your Mac and what may be the cause of this error issue. And then you should take action to troubleshoot and fix error code 102, otherwise, more and more serious problems and issues on the machine will be waiting for you, like computer free-up, crash and get more error codes and problems.

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General Consequences of Mac Error 102

Why people often feel worried about the error and want to fix error 102 as quickly as possible on the Mac?

This is because the error problem will/can cause many unexpected problems and issues on the computer, such as:

  • Annoying error notification constantly display on the computer
  • Always encounter a problem when start-up or shut down the computer system
  • Computer freezes, crash issues frequently occur on the Mac
  • Several applications and system features cannot perform as usual on the PC
  • More and more error problems happen on the computer

If this error issue stays on the Mac for a long time and still cannot be resolved, you will find more and more troubles and problems when using the computer.

So, you must take the following measures to get rid of the error issue on your PC.

How to Fix Mac Error 102?

Here are some possible ways which can help you if you are looking for ‘How to Fix Error 102 Mac Update?’. Try this out……….

Uninstall the Program Which Causes the Error

Program installation often has a particular requirement for the operation system. When a program is installed on an OS that actually does not support this specific program, errors will be triggered when you install the application.

What’s more complex is that a corrupted program issue will also cause the operating error on the Mac. If you get the error 102 with such a program problem, in order to fix error 102 well, please firstly go to “Uninstall” the app thoroughly on your PC, and then you can consider to reinstall it if the app is supported to use on your OS X.

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Clean Associated Preferences Files

Preference is a type of file on the Mac that stores the rules or parameters which aim at telling the applications about how they should work on the device. Corrupted or overloaded preferences files on the Mac computer can easily cause the computer itself or some other applications cannot operate effectively and normally, and the error 102 will thus be triggered and trouble you.

To fix this, one should clean the associated preferences files, and restart the related program or feature to see if it can behave normally.

  • Click on Go on the top menu, select “Go to Folder”
  • Type “Library” in the box, and press the Return key
  • Open the “Preferences folder” in the Library, and locate the preferences related to the problematic app, and then select to remove them to the Trash.

Restart the application and check whether it can operate smoothly without error 102 or not….

Disable Useless Start-Up Items

Programs listed on the start-up items are all the applications that will launch automatically when booting up the system. This invalid or useless start-up items on the list will cause the OS X cannot help you to activate the associated programs with success, so the error code will display to report this problem on the PC.

In order to fix Mac Error 102 with this problem, it is necessary to do a check for the list of log-in items and delete the ones which haven’t been used currently. You can also disable the ones which you don’t need to launch automatically on Mac.

Tips that can help to manually disable start-up item on Mac are:

  • Click on the Apple icon at the top left corner, select “System Preferences” on the sub-menu.
  • Go open the Users & Groups pane, you will see a list of apps which will start-up automatically when you start your Mac.
  • Select an item you need to remove from the list and click on the minus sign button.

Remove Virus/Malware From Mac System

Despite the fact that Mac is much safer as compared to Windows… its also true that numerous nasty malware (dangerous computer programs) are being written for it. So, downloading apps & other related files from unknown sources can lead to the unfortunate insertion of these vicious programs inside Mac. This often leads to Mac Error 102.

So, removing viruses or malware programs from the system might be a boon to fix Mac Error 102.

Now regarding the uninstallation of these vicious programs from the PC, we recommend SpyHunter. 

SpyHunter - Antimalware Tool

Yes, regardless of numerous antimalware programs available in the market, it’s safest to go for SpyHunter.

SpyHunter is actually an application designed to scan for, identify, remove, and block malware from the system. Being programmed with highly sophisticated algorithmic skills, this antimalware program is capable enough to detect and remove any type of vicious programs from the system.

Note: It is availlable in both FREE PAID version. Here free version allows you to scan your system and find the malwares. Further, in order to remove or uninstall the found malware programs, you’re required to go for its licensed version…. Means you need to buy it.


Clean Junk Files on The Hard Disk

Using the computer and surfing online usually creates a lot of junk files, the advanced OS X is also no exception. So, it should be regular work for people to clean up the junk files on Mac, otherwise too much garbage may cause troublesome issues of running the application and system, including error 102.

Thus, to fix error 102, it is suggested to check the junk files on your Mac and clean them completely.


***Note: If you run into a problem with your Mac and lack the patience or confidence to fix your Mac  Error 102, then it’s better to get help from third-party software. After you’ve used all the troubleshooting methods, a professional Mac Recovery Software is worthy of consideration, which could help you out of the dilemma, or with routine maintenance.



Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software: Take A Utility to Complete This Fixing Steps Automatically

Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software - restore deleted mac files

Mac Data Recovery Software is an extremely simple tool and an Automatic Way to Resolve the Error 102 Mac Issue. It has also been noted that this Recovery Software is quite effective in any case of data loss situation.

It robust recovery algorithm performs thorough scanning of entire Mac hard drives either it’s internal or external and provides the users with optimum result. Another property of this software is that it can easily be installed and operate with minimal system resource utilization.

More significantly, using such a genuine tool also can help you to avoid the manual error on your computer. These tools allow you to fix the troublesome Mac issues automatically and optimize OS X in many aspects.

Other Salient Features of Mac Data Recovery Software:

  • Undelete permanently deleted (trashed) files -documents, photos, videos, etc.
  • Creates a USB recovery drive to recover data from crashed Mac
  • Repairs corrupt, grainy and choppy photos or videos of various popular formats
  • Efficiently undeletes from APFS, HFS+ partitions on macOS Catalina & others

So, if you don’t want to take too much time to clean the Mac manually, taking help from a Recovery Software can help you to manage and clean useless files and can fix the above tasks very easily in a short time.

Do not delay anymore, there is nothing as good as Mac Data Recovery Software. Just download and install it to avoid Mac Error 102.

It’s available in both FREE & PAID version. The free version enables you to recover files and have a preview of them… however, with its licensed version, you can save the recovered files.



Routine maintenance tasks on Mac can prevent numerous Mac issues and errors from occuring. To keep your Mac healthy & running smoothly, you should get to regularly optimize your Mac, for instance, always keep your system and apps up-to-date.

Now we hope that you have got your answer for – “How to Fix Mac Error 102”. If you have any queries regarding this blog you can connect with us through the comment section box below…

Till then, stay tuned…………….

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