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How to Fix WiFi and Bluetooth Issues After Upgrading to iOS 15 [iOS 15 Beta Problems]

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How to Fix WiFi and Bluetooth Issues After Upgrading to iOS 15
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Read the blog to understand How to Fix WiFi and Bluetooth Issues After Upgrading to iOS 15.

Apple has recently launched iOS 15 for compatible iPhone models.

However, coming with the advanced features, it also comes with its own kind of issues.

Well, the Apple users are tormenting a lot through these iOS 15 problems.

Moreover, the issues are commonly like connecting the iPhone with the accessories.

Though, if you are also in the same boat of trouble & getting annoyed while pairing your iPhone with the accessories, then you surely need to know the instructions that tell How to Fix WiFi and Bluetooth Issues After Upgrading to iOS 15.

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Now, getting to the point…if you are encountering iOS 15 problems…then here are the quick methods to fix them.

iOS 15 Release Date

The first version of the iOS 15 was released on the 7th of June, 2021…after that, the first public version was released on the 16th of July, 2021.

Furthermore, the official version of the iOS 15 was released on the 20th of September, 2021.

How to Fix WiFi and Bluetooth Issues After Upgrading to iOS 15?

As we already discussed, the new update comes with overflowing additional issues that are causing trouble to the apple users.

Albeit, while updating the iPhone, the update there comes with bugs…so just follow the methods to fix these bugs.

Reset the Network Settings

Reset Network Settings - fix iOS 15 Problems

One of the easiest ways to fix the iOS 15 Bluetooth issues is to reset the network settings.

Here…follow the steps to reset the settings…

Go to Settings>Reset>Reset Network Settings

Restart your iPhone

Restart iPhone - Fix iOS 15 Internet Not Working

The other simple way is to restart the iPhone & clear the entire bug in the system that is causing the issue.

What you need to do is…

Turn off the device & then leave it like that for a minute…After that again turn on the device.

Though, this way you can probably fix the WiFi and Bluetooth Issues.

Fix WiFi or Reboot the Router

If the process of restarting doesn’t help, just try to reboot your router.

Moreover…it will most likely eradicate the issue in the network.

Forget Bluetooth & Re-pair

Forget Bluetooth or WiFi - iOS 15 Bluetooth Issues

You can also try to forget the Bluetooth & connect it with your iPhone again.

However, most of the time, the issues lie while pairing with Bluetooth.

So, to forget & repair the Bluetooth….

  • Go to Settings>Bluetooth
  • Click on the Right icon next to the device & then Tap “Forget this Device”.
  • Now, pair your iPhone with the device again.

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So, these were the manual methods on How to Fix WiFi and Bluetooth Issues After Upgrading to iOS 15…however, if you are still masking the issue…then follow this absolutely amazing method to fix iOS 15 Bluetooth issues.

Restore or Factory Reset

Restoring your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud can easily fix the issue.

Moreover, through this method, you can fix your most stern iOS 15 beta problems.

Now, you must be not familiar with the term “iOS 15 beta problems” or maybe do…but the most important is to understand the most common complications, so that…you can easily handle the iOS 15 problems in the future.

iOS 15 Beta Problems

Apple’s latest iOS 15 is highlighting some additional issues with the pre-release of the Software.

Moreover, the most frequent problems users are getting are WIFI connectivity issues, face time issues, lags, crashes, & also issues with the first & third-party applications.

Apart from that, you can’t predict…whether which kind of problem you are going to face.

That’s the reason we would recommend you some before installing the new update on your iPhone.

Maybe that way, you might not face the iOS 15 problems.

Though here are the pre-installation checks, you should do before installing the iOS 15 update.

  1. Backup Your Data on iPhone

Backup Your Data on iPhone - How to Fix WiFi and Bluetooth Issues After Upgrading to iOS 15

There’s a chance that you might lose your data if you go for the new installation update.

Moreover, the easiest way to save your data is not to take the risk of losing your sensitive data.

Apart from that, if you forget to restore the data…& anyhow lose the most important data while installing, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your data back.

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Now, read the blog ahead…to understand about How to Fix WiFi and Bluetooth Issues After Upgrading to iOS 15.

  1. Get Familiar with iOS 15

Before jumping into the installation process…just get familiar with the new iOS 15 updates.

Altogether, you might also come to know that some features aren’t available for the older versions of the iPhone.

However, analyzing the update will let you know whether it is worth the trouble for you or not.

  1. Clean Up iPhone Storage if iOS 15 Storage Almost Full

If your iPhone is running out of space…you might have to clean up some of the folders, if you want to install the iOS 15 beta.

Though, go through the device & delete the files you no longer need.

Read Apple’s Beta Terms & Conditions

If you’re trying the iOS Beta Software first time, then you clearly need to understand the rules & conditions.

Furthermore, you can go through Apple’s beta website for developers to understand the joining of the developer program.

Also, if you want to install the iOS 15 beta update…go through all the FAQ’S on the website before that.

Now, coming to one of the prominent issues which we see in the version of iPhone that is included in the iOS 15 supported devices…” iOS 15 internets not working”…let’s see how to fix this issue.

Fixation for iOS 15 Internet Not Working (Troubleshooting WiFi)

Dive on the given fixes about the most prominent ios 15 beta problems.

Make sure to connect the WiFi To Your Network

  • Go to Settings, & then click on WIFI to turn it on.
  • Now, click on your WIFI network to join.
  • Though, if still, you aren’t able to turn on the WIFI, then you need to check the issue with your WIFI.

Check Whether All the Cables Are Connected With Your Router

Now be ready to check the hardware properties of your Internet cable line.

Because sometimes because of the maintenance problem of the Internet service provider.

It only shows Wi-Fi connected in the top sidebar of the iPhone but does not access the data to connect. Check that your router is connected to the modem with the mode on.

If after all these things, if the WIFI is not working, then just restart the iOS device & then restart your Router.

Update the Firmware of Router

Update the Firmware of Router

You can update the firmware of your Router to ensure whether the bug is fixed or not.

Moreover, you should regularly update your WIFI Router & Firmware to improve the performance & also fix the bugs along with the security issues.

Switch to 5GHz Channel

If you have a dual-band Wi-Fi router, you should switch to the 5 GHz frequency and see if that helps solve connectivity issues. Note that the 5 GHz band cannot penetrate walls as easily as the 2.4 GHz band, so its range will be noticeably less.

If you were already trying to connect your iPhone with iOS 15 to a 5 GHz network, do the opposite and connect it to the 2.4 GHz channel.

Disable the VPN

Disable VPN - How to Fix WiFi and Bluetooth Issues After Upgrading to iOS 15

If your VPN is disabled, then try to disable the VP via settings or VPN app, as enabled VPN might be the reason behind the WIFI issue.

Disable WiFi Networking Services

Disable WiFi Networking Services

You can also solve the WIFI issue on your iPhone by just disabling the WIFI networking under Settings>Privacy>Location>Services>System Services

Thus, these were the all & inclusive method on How to Fix WiFi and Bluetooth Issues after Upgrading to iOS 15.

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The Conclusion

So, these were the quick tips on How to Fix WiFi and Bluetooth Issues after Upgrading to iOS 15.

Moreover, there is a platform called Reddit…where you can ask questions about iOS 15 issues on Reddit.

Apart from that, we hope you found this blog informative…also share your thoughts in the comment section below…which methods helped you the most.

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