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Important Security Checks to Keep Your Android Phone Safe

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Important Security Checks to Keep Your Android Phone Safe
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Worrying about the Important Security Checks to Keep Your Android Phone Safe? Well, here is this detailed guide that resolves all your queries regarding the safety of your android.

As per the data, more than 60% of preferring their mobile phones for shopping purposes or getting loads of online info.

Moreover, mobile phones play a huge role in defining the online presence of your businesses as well. And, 70% of the total mobile users usually prefer android.

So, it becomes quite essential to secure your android system through all the possible ways. The smartphone brings value to our lives and it boasts serious concerns about the protection of their security.

So, go through this blog to know all the Important Security Checks to Keep Your Android Phone Safe and secured.

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10 Best Android Security Features To Keep Your Android Safe

If you don’t care about the security of your android, you are probably putting your whole data at risk. We say so because there have been several instances where the data was stolen.

Hackers can easily steal your data by putting it to bad use if your android system is not secure enough.

When we differentiate the security of android from that of iOS, we can say that androids are way safer than ios.

So, here is these 10 best and most Important Security Checks to Keep Your Android Phone Safe

#1. Make sure you Use Phone Locks

One of the foremost and essential things you need to do is use phone locks. This allows your android system to stay secure to a certain level.

You might be thinking it to be a simple step. However, a phone with a lock is less likely to get hacked or break into.

Well, this is a vital step If you want to know how to secure my phone from hackers! If a hacker or snatcher gets along with your system, it would take them a certain time period to break the lock.

During the time they try to unlock your phone, you can remove your credit card info or any other info that is important to you.

Well, something that you need to stay concerned about is choosing a strong password as your lock. We can suggest you use your pin code as your passcode since any other passwords can easily be guessed.

Despite the fact that users have been putting pin code as their passcode for a long time, it still is a wise idea.

Another Important Security Check to Keep Your Android Phone Safe is using a VPN.

#2. Using VPN to Secure your Phone

One of the android security features that can increase the security level is setting up a VPN on your android.

If you aspire to secure your android like ios, encrypting the internet connection through VPN is the best way possible.

VPNs or Virtual private networks act as a security layer for your android system. Nowadays, everyone is relying on their mobile devices to stay updated about what’s actually happening in the world.

No matter whether you use email or social media to stay connected, you can use VPN with your phone safely.

However, you need to be concerned about choosing the right network. If you pick a shady provider, you might be putting your data at risk.

In order to get all the benefits of a VPN, you need to pick a reliable network. For that, you can use Express Vpn since it’s quite reliable and trustworthy among the users.

You can subscribe to the VPN through its official webpage and follow simple steps to put it to use. Another Important Security Check to Keep Your Android Phone Safe is using two-factor authentication.

#3. Using Two-Factor Authentication

In order to make the website seem safer and more secure, so many online portals go with two-factor authentication.

You will not find it as an option so you have to incorporate it as soon as you can. It is one of the safest ways to keep your device in check and away from hackers.

When you are using two-factor authentication and opening your account on a smartphone, a secret code will be sent to your mobile or email.

So, this means you will have to check past two excellent security ways to open your account. Let’s get to know about the steps that you need to follow while doing two-factor authentication.

Step1- On your android device, go to the settings

Step2- Head towards the google account

Step3- Go to security (available at the top)

Step4- Sign into google and then tap on 2FA or 2 Step Verification

Step5- Select “Get Started”

Step6- Follow the further instructions that appear on your screen after the successful activation of 2-factor authentication on your device.

Another android security check that you may take into consideration is the importance of the play store.

#4. Use Playstore to Download the Apps

One of the most common ways that hackers and attackers prefer to enter your android system is through an un-authenticated app.

They find it quite an easy approach to hack your device and steal the data. In order to stay safe, you must not download apps from any third-party source.

Another essential concern that you need to show is to restrain yourself from using unauthenticated apps. No matter whether you installed them from the play store or not, unless you are not sure about the developers, don’t use it.

There are so many shady apps gets available on the play store as well which are not authentic and could be dangerous.

However, Google’s algorithm is smart enough to detect such apps and remove them as quickly as it can. So, in order to make your device the most secure android phone, use apps only when you are sure about the reliability.

Another feature in the list of one of the Important Security Checks to Keep Your Android Phone Safe is an antivirus.

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#5. Use Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software can sometimes play a huge role in securing your device to a certain extent. It prominently helps you in resolving your security issues.

It provides help by detecting malware or an existing bug in your smartphone. Although, the default google has this built-in feature to ensure that protects your device from typical malware.

The anti-virus software can strengthen the overall security system of your android device. Moreover, when you are selecting the software, make sure you check all the aspects such as ratings and reviews.

Some of the best anti-virus software, for now, is Norton mobile security and Avast Mobile security.

So, the next step towards how to secure android phone from hackers Is to enable the find my device option.

#6. Permit the “Find my Device” Feature

Well, this one is a built-in feature that comes along with your device and ensures its security to an extent.

If you turn on the “Find my device “feature, you are more likely to restrain your device from data loss. Moreover, by any chance, if you have lost your phone, you can easily find it if the feature is enabled on your device.

As the name suggests, enabling this option would let you track where your smartphone Is. To enable this feature in your android device, follow the easy steps mentioned below:-

Step1- Go to the settings on your device

Step2- Scroll until you find google and click on it

Step3- Click on security present below

Step4- Then, select the option “find my device”

Step5- Finally, turn the slider on in order to activate the feature

These simple steps would help you find your phone in case its stolen! Moreover, try keeping the location on to avail the most benefits of this option.

Moving on to the next  Important Security Checks to Keep Your Android Phone Safe which is safe browsing.

#7. Safe Browsing

No wonder chrome is one of the safest ways to browse the internet since it’s a default browser on an android device. One of the features that make it stand out is the warning sign that it gives while opening an insecure website.

A similar feature that allows your device to stay secure while browsing is enabling the safe browsing mode on the device.

To enable or use this feature, you need to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Step1- Open the chrome browser on your device

Step2- Select the menu option ( the vertical dots), you will find in the toolbar

Step3- Tap the “new incognito mode”. Doing this will allow Google to get open in an incognito window with disabled add-ons.

However, chrome will run normally in the first window. Using any other browser rather than chrome will not ensure you enough safety as well as security.

Safe browsing is quite an essential step If you want to take an extra step toward the security of your device. Moreover, another android security check that you can apply is using biometric tools for authentication.

#8. Using Tools with Biometric Security

Most of the phones released nowadays have biometric authentication tools. They use a variety of features like Fingerprint authentication as well as face unlock.

The whole point regarding the features of biometrics Is that they are unique. It verifies the distinct characteristic of each user and applies them as protection or security.

Moreover, the idea behind enabling this feature also lies in the fact that it restrains an unauthenticated person to have any access to your device.

So, there are fewer chances for hackers to break into your device if you have biometric authentication on your device.

Since it came into emergence, more and more users preferred going for the phone that is applicable for the option.

One another reason behind its rise in popularity could be the convenience. It’s quite easy and more convenient to use your finger and place it on the censor than typing the password.

Furthermore, it’s next to impossible to break into a device that requires biometric authentication. So, there are high chances that your data will not get stolen by hackers.

Luckily, the upcoming android phones are strengthening and improving these features so that you can get the most out of them.

So, this was all about the 8 Important Security Checks to Keep Your Android Phone Safe.

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The Conclusion

Well, android phones are more likely to get hacked are and the common target for hackers. Moreover, there has been a lot of snatching cases that keep going on all over the world.

Hence, there are various reasons why you need to an extra step to keep your android device safe.

Moreover, it’s also essential to be aware of the crucial android updates to secure your device. In this blog, we have discussed the Important Security Checks to Keep Your Android Phone Safe.

Hope you understood the info and would further apply it.

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