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Guide to Safe Keep and Protection of Android Devices

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how to keep your Android phone safe
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Read the Blog to Know How to Keep Your Android Phone Safe………..

Have you ever had the issue where you might have lost very important and valuable data from your android handset? If that’s the case, Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Software, which comes in handy in this situation aids at recovering each of these files lost.

Generally, these files include videos, pictures, contacts, text messages, call recordings, scanned images, and whatever an android phone can hold into. Therefore, if you are one of those android users, then trusting this best android data recovery software is your best option for the most secure Android phone.

Besides that, the software comes with a syncing feature that provides the files to sync deep down and then recover. Above all, it also provides a preview of the synced and recovered files before finally downloading them. During the process, it marks the files recovered in RED color which is easy to distinguish from the present files available on the system.

However, talking more on the topic, it is possible to keep the phone safe so you don’t have to undergo any trouble. But, how to keep your Android phone safe is the main question.

So, this blog will try to cover every point issue that you android user has and how you can keep your phone safe. With the combined working of Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Software, it can make your lives easier and safer as an android phone owner.


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So, if you are worried about certain of your queries like how to change security settings on Android phone, how to secure your phone from hackers or how to protect my tablet from hackers, let’s see how you can protect them.

How to Keep Your Android Phone Safe?

Do you believe Android is safe? According to a survey, 30 percent of all Android phones are vulnerable to 20 or more critical flaws. There are other dangers, such as malicious programs, web hackers, spammers, and so on. That implies your entire digital life is at risk, including your transactions and bank details, online services and data, social connections, and other confidential material.

So, here are some strategies one can adapt to that can help to keep you away from those threatening dangers that can lead to the loss of your confidential data.

Turn to Multi-User Environment

How To Secure Your Android Phone from Hackers

If you are sharing your device with someone else, like your relative or your friends, you can create a separate space for a separate user. This will allow you to keep all your data hidden from the other. It will also keep these data away from any kind of activities that they might perform on your device.

For example, if they and you share a user profile and he downloads files and uses a malicious program, he puts both his and your data at risk; however, you can straightforwardly prevent this issue by creating and using a separate account.

The steps to create the new user account are as follow:

  • Go to Settings on your device
  • Turn to Users and click Add User
  • Fill in the necessary information
  • Click

And, there you go!!! Moreover, you should also keep a separate account for your kids. This will keep an eye on the activities they perform on your device.

Connections to Secure Networks Only

How To Secure Your Phone from Hackers

If you enjoy using free hotspots at a coffee house or metro station, you should be aware of the dangers that these “free” connections pose. They can be a lot more expensive than you think!

To begin with, Wi-Fi networks are not as safe as we may believe or believe. Many resources for hacking a network can be found on the internet; plenty of them will not work, but most will work well enough to snatch your data.

If this is not feasible, you will need to use a VPN to encrypt your connection. There are numerous free and reputable VPN providers that also offer Android VPN apps.

Create Uncrackable Password

How To Keep Old Android Phone Secure

It’s important to note that a strong password can protect your sensitive information. If you don’t use complex passwords because you forget them shortly after using them, don’t worry; we’ve put together a list of suggestions to help you to create a noteworthy and secure password.

  • One way to make a secure password is to make it out of a complete sentence. If you take the very first letter of each word in a complete sentence, you’ll get a passcode that fulfills all of the criteria: upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.


  • When considering a password, some other method to consider is passphrases. Short passwords are far less effective than long, memorable passwords.


  • Finally, password managers are your best bet if you have a lot of passwords to remember. They are safely stored, and you can access them at any moment.

Built-In Security Features Usage

How To Secure Android Phone from Virus

You can use Android’s built-in security features to keep your device safe from unwanted hackers and other malicious individuals. Start with locking your device. It’s a tedious job but using the fingerprinting feature can make it much easier.

You can also use many other online available applications to provide extra security to your phone. Smart Lock features of the Android phone can also be used for the same. You should also keep your phone encrypted in case of tampering.

However, you can follow these steps below to Lock your phone: Settings> Security and Lock Screen> Fingerprint> Press your finger on the sensor for identification> provide a name to it> click OK

Locked in Sensitive Applications

If your phone has certain financial; and other personal-related applications, keeping it password protected is important. This kind of application needs special protection because of its power to hold onto your personal information like bank details, bank account details, phone no., Aadhar number, etc.

To avoid cases where someone with access to your phone could abuse the information stored in these applications, you should lock it with a different password in addition to the screen lock. Other than these applications, you should also keep away all your private photographs and pictures.

To create a protective layer for your pictures and videos, you can use the feature of AppLock- a free application as well as an inbuilt feature in most android phones. To get this, you can follow the same set of steps as the lock screen settings.

Regular Review of App Permissions

Apps for Android have been identified as requesting permission to access your phone’s screen, storage, and a variety of other features. However, this isn’t always the case; the apps may use multiple permissions without your knowledge or consent. As a result, you should check the permissions of your apps regularly.

To do so, follow these necessary steps: Settings> Apps/Special Access> Permissions of Device.

Secured Downloading of Applications

One of the most important ways on how to secure your Android phone from hackers is to download the application from a protected website. Playstore, the best place to download safe and protected applications can be used.

Updating System and Applications Regularly

The non-updated system can be a risk to most android systems. It can create a vulnerable environment for snatchers and hackers to gather and steal important information from your phone. Thus, a regular system update is necessary for full-on protection from malicious threats.

You can follow these steps for updating your system: Settings> About Phone> System Update> Update

To update the necessary applications: Click PlayStore> Settings> Auto-Update Apps

Thus, these two options can keep all the things checked and protected. However, in case of certain updates, if you feel fear of data loss, then you can use Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Software. This will reciprocate all the lost data with just one click. However, if you feel an urgency on getting your lost data ASAP, click on the link below to get the application faster.


Remote Security System Set-up

Mobile applications for Android are now known to request access to your cell phone screen, storage, and other features. This isn’t always the case, though; applications can use numerous authorizations without your consent or knowledge. Keep an eye on your app’s privileges regularly.

You can get many such applications on PlayStore, where it plays an alarm or some kind of hint to indicate the track of your device. This will keep you updated on your phone if it ever undergoes any uncertain activities.

However, these were some general ideas on how to keep your Android phone safe. Now, we will look into some of the broader sections of settings that can also assist in the matter.

How to Secure Android Phone from Virus?

How To Secure Android Phone from Theft


We all know that it is a possibility that your device might get attacked with some malicious viruses from the download of certain unprotected applications or web pages. But, how will you identify if your android device is attacked by one of them?

So, here in the new few lines, you will get to know how to look for signs in your android phone which will tell you to protect your phone quickly.

  • Data Usage in Excess:

A virus running in the background on a compromised phone can significantly increase overall data usage if it goes undetected.


  • The Sudden Appearance of Advertisements and Trojans While Using the Device:

Some Trojans can rack up charges on your phone bill through in-app purchases and text messaging fees on premium accounts, which hackers can take advantage of.


  • Crashing of Applications:

Apps can crash repeatedly if your phone’s software is compromised. App crashes could be caused by a variety of factors, so check your storage.


  • Pop-ups:

If your browser is closed and you notice an increase in pop-up windows, you may have adware, a type of malware that mines data.


  • Increased and Quick Battery Drain:

When a virus, such as malware, runs in the background while your phone is being used normally, you may notice an inexplicably rapid drain of your battery when your phone is being used the most.


  • Overheating While Surfing:

It could be a malicious form of malware if you see apps that have been mysteriously downloaded.


  • Spam and Malicious Texts:

Malware can quickly deplete your phone’s RAM and CPU, causing it to overheat.


  • Rejecting Permission to Download Applications:

A common type of malware found on a cell phone collects sensitive information and attempts to infect your contacts by sending text messages containing dangerous links and attachments.

So, after getting to know such riskier actions that can cause a virus threats to your android device, you might want to know the solution to it as well. The next few points can guide you on how to secure your android phone from virus.

  • Clear Browsing History: Settings> Applications>Chrome>Clear browsing history


  • Clear Cache: Settings>Application and Notifications>Chrome>Storage>Clear cache


  • Boot Device in Safe Mode: Press and hold the power button. Select the safe mode option from the option available on the screen.


  • Uninstall the Suspicious App: Settings>Applications>Review the downloaded applications> Identify the ones not in use or suspicious to you> click on it>uninstall


  • Enable Play Protect: While antivirus software is the best way to keep your Android safe from malware, Play Protect is built-in software that can be useful as a backup. To set up the settings follow the steps- PlayStore>Menu>Play Protect>Turn on for scanning

To safeguard your mobile from malware as the first line of defense, install antivirus software. Installing new applications should be done with caution. Back up your phone on a regular basis so you can restore it if a virus infects it.

Nevertheless, if you forgot to back up and lost all the data in the process, you need not worry because Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Software will save you from such trouble. You can direct yourself to the original website of the software and try the free version yourself.

Other than virus attacks, a phone also needs protection when it has got into certain terrible actions like Theft. So, let’s look for tips and tricks on how to secure android phone from theft.

How to Secure Android Phone from Theft?

  • Strong Screen Lock: keeping a strong screen lock can be difficult to crack. Thus, it is always recommended to do so as to prevent any other person to crack the code and get inside your device.


  • Secondary Applications: You can download a secondary application from PlayStore. These tracking devices can help you get connected with the location of the device in case of theft.


  • Attach a note: Attachment of a note at the back of your phone cover can be one of the other methods. You can provide your email id or any other cell number as a way to contact you if a secondary person finds it on your behalf.


  • Record Device’s Unique ID number: These serial numbers are etched on the circuit of the phone. In case it gets lost, you can easily file a complaint and provide the serial number to track your device.

Thus, these few steps will definitely help you in protecting your phone anyhow. However, if during the process, you face issues of losing data and other files, you need not worry. You can easily get up all this lost up data with the use of Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Software.

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Software

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Software

Furthermore, Tenorshare UltData Android Data Recovery Tool provides two types of recovery methods, Quick Recovery, and Deep Recovery, to assist you in recovering data that has been lost due to rooting.

Some of the Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Software highlights are

  • Multiple data recovery options are available.
  • All Major File Formats are supported
  • Before you recover your data, take a look at it first i.e. preview option is available

Tenorshare, on the other hand, ensures that restoring your data without root is completely safe. You can preview your lost files with Tenorshare Android Data Recovery’s free version, even if you need to purchase the software to recover them.



Thus, with this, we come to the end of our blog on how to keep your Android phone safe. Protection of devices is important and necessary these days. This is because nowadays most of the important documents and data are stored here. Thus, keeping a safety check on it is quite necessary from time to time.

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