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Stellar Repair for Photo Software [Features, Price & Specifications]

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Stellar Repair for Photo
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Looking for unbiased Stellar Repair for Photo Reviews…?? Well… must say you do belong to this blog… read it thoroughly and you will get to know why this tool is the best amongst all photo repair softwares available in the market today. 

We know why you are here!! There might definitely be some issue with your phone or your device and you have lost all your treasured memories as in your pictures and your videos. Seeing you worried about such things makes me want to help you so badly…

So worry not friend!! You are directed at the right place and at a perfectly right time. This blog basically provides you a thorough detailed explanation of mind-blowing software, Stellar photo repair software for android.

This particular tool  is designed to recover all your lost photos (of any format), Videos (of any format), GIFs, Stickers, etc. from any of your applications which you have used to share them.

This article will help you in every way from giving full Stellar repair for photo review, ways for Stellar photo repair app download, Features of Photo repair software, Stellar repair for photo pc/mac/windows, etc.

Therefore, if you want to know about the use of old damaged photo repair software free download, let’s move on to the detailed structure of this technical software.

What is Stellar Photo Repair Software?

Stellar Repair for Photo Online

Stellar Photo Repair Software is a very proficient DIY software or program built with the goal of restoring pictures, movies, and music from all storage media. It is preferred by the majority and reputed internationally.

Loaded with various amazing and improve algorithmic abilities, the product incorporates the capability to repair photos, recordings, and sound documents lost because of cancellation, defilement, organizing, malware assault, difficult to reach drives, and so on

Among every one of the exceptionally capable highlights of this Stellar repair for Photo, best of all, it is accessible for the two Windows and Mac operating systems.

With excellent features to repair corrupt photo or lost image repair, let’s learn about some of its excellent features.

Note: The software is available for you in both FREE as well as PAID versions. The free download version enables evaluation & provides a preview of the repaired photos. Moreover, in order to save recovered data, you’re required to go for its licensed version… This means you need to purchase it.

>>Stellar Repair For Photo Free Download<<

Features of Stellar Repair for Photo [Best Photo Repair Software]

  • Memory Card Recuperation

Packaged with profoundly complex algorithmic abilities, Stellar repair for photo utility undelete apparently lost photographs and media records from corrupted/harmed/out of reach memory card, SD card, memory stick, minimized glimmer, etc.

Furthermore, the software supports all Samsung, SanDisk, Transcend, Toshiba, Lexar, Kingston, Panasonic, Duracell, Verbatim, and other SD card models.

  • Multiple photos can be repaired at the same time.

The photo repair software can repair an unlimited number of images in the same or other formats at the same time. Stellar Repair for Photo is a simple and effective tool for repairing hundreds of faulty, broken, or damaged files on any storage or medium.

  • Extracts Thumbnails from Photos That Have Been Severely Corrupted

It’s possible that your photos are significantly corrupted and unsalvageable. In the case of highly corrupt image files, the powerful Stellar Photo Repair software retrieves the embedded thumbnails without sacrificing their visual integrity.

  • Fixes a variety of photo corruption problems

This tool restores your utterly unreadable image files, even if they have a corrupt header, corrupt data, invalid picture file structure, unknown or invalid marker, or missing SOS marking, among other issues. You can also fix photographs that are inaccessible, greyed out, grainy, fuzzy, or have mistakes.

  • Using a sample file, it act as jpeg repair toolkit

For highly corrupt JPEG/JPG photos, the software has an ‘Advanced Repair’ option. To correct sophisticated corruption issues in JPEG/JPG photographs, it uses a ‘sample file’ – a working JPEG file made on the same device as your faulty one. The app fixes severe JPEG photo corruptions or open source+jpeg repair using information from the sample.

  • A Sneak Peek at the photo repair

This software allows you to ‘Preview’ the restored photos before saving them, allowing you to check for any anomalies. The software ensures that the original photo’s details are preserved. After that, you can save the corrected image formats wherever you choose.

  • Repaired photos are saved in the desired location.

Stellar Repair for Photo allows you to save your photos in a variety of ways. You can save the corrected photographs anywhere you choose, including the source location. All of the restored image thumbnails are saved in a separate folder after the use of photo repair software.

  • Interface that is simple and easy to use

With its simple and intuitive interface, Stellar Repair for Photo is simple to use. Multiple photographs can be repaired at once using simple on-screen instructions. Users with little computer skills can use the software to quickly fix faulty images in a variety of formats.

  • Completely safe and secure Get it now!

Stellar Repair for Photo is a completely safe and reliable application that is devoid of any viruses, malware, or Trojans. This photo repair software is completely free to download by searching ‘Stellar repair for photo free download’ and install on your Windows or Mac computer.

  • Unicode File Recovery is supported

In various respects, the Stellar Photo Repair software differs from other free photo repairing tools on the market. Apart from that, facilitating the recovery of many sorts of material and formats… Unicode file recovery is also supported by the software.

  • It runs smoothly on media with a storage capacity of more than 6TB.

In contrast to other photo restoring applications on the market, this Stellar Program works flawlessly on devices with big storage capacity. This software, which is packed with boosting technologies, can recover recently or completely destroyed photos from media as large as 6TB and beyond.

Now there’s one more very important question about this Stellar software… Is Stellar Photo Repair App Free, for example… This is where you’ll find the solution to your query…

Photo Repair Software Online

Yes, if it’s about being liberated… Up to a point, Stellar Photo Repair Tool is free. A FREE version of Stellar repair for photo Program is available… allowing users to scan and display deleted photographs…

Thus, you can visit the Stellar Official Website and help yourself with:

>> Stellar Photo Repair Software Download<<

You can also help yourself to download the software for your individual operating systems like Stellar repair for photo Mac or Stellar repair for photo Windows.

Stellar Repair for Photo Cracked Version

Other than the original website download, there are ways where you might have heard of the crack version. For this particular software as well, there is something called Stellar repair for photo crack version.

We’re guessing everyone is familiar with the term “crack”… whether he or she belongs to a tech-savvy group… Stellar’s official developers are no longer working on this version.

Obviously, this Crack is a version of the Stellar Image Retouching Tool that provides users with all of the premium features for free.

Now that this version is available, premium features are available for free… As a result, it appears to be extremely lucrative and rewarding… But keep in mind that you’ll never be able to use this Crack version…

This Stellar Photo Recovery Tool  is packge with a number of dangerous apps… that infiltrate your system without your permission. When a program is successfully intruded into your system, it causes chaos. Something gathers your credentials information without your permission and then uses it to generate illegal revenue.

Therefore, keep yourself away from any such versions of the software… and buy Stellar Photo Repair Software only from its official website.


Stellar Repair for Photo Activation Key

However, you might be unaware of something called an activation key. This is your only savior against all Stellar photo repair crack versions.

But what is the Stellar repair for photo activation key? It is a code that you must enter during the installation of Stellar Photo Retouching Software.

You will receive an activation key when you purchase this Photo Restoring Program. That concludes our discussion on this software’s activation key.

Now, Stellar software is available in a variety of editions, including premium, standard, and technician. As a result, the foundation for the activation key is the same for all the versions.

The main motive of this key is that it keeps all your personal details to yourself. Unlike the crack versions, it does not infiltrate your privacy but it keeps you safe from anyone to steal your information.

So, when you download the application and enter the activation key, then only you will be allowed to use it. Thus, this Photo repair Tool is completely safe and secure.

Thus, you will be able to get these activation keys with the different versions of the software like Stellar repair for photo activation key or Stellar repair for photo 6.0 activation key.

Stellar Repair for Photo Price


$39.99 $29.99   [BUY NOW WIN] | [BUY NOW MAC]


$59.99 $49.99   [BUY NOW WIN] | [BUY NOW MAC]


$149.99 $69.99   [BUY NOW WIN] | [BUY NOW MAC]


OK… so these are the three versions in which this Stellar Software is available… Premium, standard, and technician. Now, these versions have different levels to work to repair photos. So, the price of all the versions might differ.

Thus, the cheapest of the entire version is the standard one. However, the expensive one is the technician one which provides all the features of the free or paid version.

Hence, the features of the individual versions are provided below. This will help you in identifying the right kind of Photo Recovery Program for yourself.

Standard Version Features

  • Repairs photographs that have been corrupted or destroyed.
  • Repairs RAW picture files that have become corrupt.
  • Photo thumbnails are extracted.
  • Multiple photos can be repaired at the same time.

Premium Version Features

  • Everything is included in the Standard edition.
  • Photo, video, and audio files are all recoverable.
  • Recovers data from hard drives, SD cards, USB drives, and other storage devices.
  • Recovers RAW image files from a camera that has been deleted.

Technician Version Features

  • Everything is done in a professional version of the software
  • Repairs video files that have become corrupt.
  • Multiple videos can be repaired at the same time.
  • MP4, MOV, AVI, and more popular formats can be repaired.

Thus, now it’s up to you to whatever version you need. So that you know how much Stellar Photo Restoring Program costs!!!

Thus, choose wisely and according to your needs. Also, look for the price difference and other features of the particular type of software version of Stellar Photo Restoring Program your need.

How To Use Stellar Photo Repair Software?

For Windows

Step 1: Click Add File

Add photos that you want to repair.

add files - stellar repair for photo

Step 2: Select Repair

The repair process begins

select repair - stellar photo repair software


Step 3: Select Save Repaired Files

Preview the repaired photos and then save them at the desired location.

select save repaired files - photo repair online


For Mac

Step 1: Click Add File

Click ‘Add File’ to add corrupt image files.

Step 2: Select Image File

Make a selection of the image files you wish to repair and then click Repair

Step 3:  Repairing process

The repairing process will start

Step 4: Preview the repaired images

Step 5: Select the data type you wishes to recover and then click Next


Stellar Repair for Photo Reviews

So, here are some of the real reviews of the users of the Stellar Photo Restoring Program. This will help you in guiding that using this software will never disappoint you.

‘The professional JPEG repair software and it is possible to repair multiple files at the same time. It saved a lot of time with perfect result.’

-Ethan Brown


‘Easy to download and manage. No confusion in the user interface. I took a deep breath and pressed the repair button. It fixed my photos successfully.’

Graham Whiting


‘I recovered my data by a data recovery software. After complete recovery, I was unable to open my images. This software repaired my images very easily.’

Willium Andrew

Stellar Repair for Photo Android

Stellar Photo Repairing Utility… besides repairing shots from all kinds of cameras… also did the same repairing on android devices…


Programmed with highly sophisticated algorithmic skills, this Stellar program does include the potential of repairing photos taken with Android phones or iPhones… So, yeah… it’s one of the finest ways for Android Photo Recovery.



  • Why are the restored image files so small?

Stellar Photo Restoring Program is a tried-and-true photo restoration tool. The software also fixes RAW file formats from all common manufacturers, in addition to JPEG/JPG and TIFF. Your image file is in RAW format, such as CR2, CRW, and so on. The photo repair software converts camera RAW image files to JPEG and fixes them.

  • What file formats can Stellar Repair for Photo repair?

The majority of commonly used picture file types are supported by this Stellar software. You can repair photo taken with digicams, android phones, iPhones, iPads, drones, and other devices. The app also supports DSLR RAW file formats and converts them to JPEG. It can fix corrupt RAW photos from popular cameras including Canon, Nikon, and Sony.


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