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How to Retrieve Lost Photos from Sony Camera [Ultimate Guide]

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How To Recover Deleted Pictures From Sony Camera
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You put a lot of effort to snap a picturesque shot. Your family goes on vacation. You click your favorite moments with your family. All of a sudden, your photo gets deleted due to unintentional click or blind formatting. You land in panic. But, guess what? Do we have the ultimate guide to how to recover deleted pictures from Sony camera?

Digital cameras have been a popular gadget, nowadays. Its portability, ability to store thousands of pictures in electronic form makes it the favorite for all – picnic spots, vacations, tourist destinations scenic beauties, etc.

Accidental deletion of the photographs on your tempting Sony Camera can freak you out.

Here, we bring to you the solution. The guide to how to recover deleted pictures from a Sony camera.

This blog will give a positive nod to your questions:

Can I recover deleted photos from my Sony camera?

Can you retrieve deleted pictures from a Sony camera?

The answer is Yes….

Yes, through Stellar Photo Recovery Software- best Sony photo recovery software

When you delete or lose the photos, the photos are not permanently deleted. The allocated space to the respective photo is open to overwriting. So, you can recover them if

  • Stop using your Sony camera after the deletion to prevent overwriting.
  • Do not eject the memory card before switching off your Sony camera.

These were “What not to do to retrieve deleted pictures from Sony Camera?”

Let’s see how to recover deleted pictures from Sony camera?

You can do it through Stellar Photo Recovery Software- the best Sony photo recovery software.

Stellar Photo Recovery Software- The best Sony photo recovery software

Stellar Photo Recovery Software

Stellar photo recovery software is a tool for restoring deleted photos on your Sony Camera from the digital memory card. The Stellar Photo Recovery software is one of the most growing versatile software in the market.

Let us know what makes Stellar Photo Recovery tool- the best Sony photo recovery software:

Recovery in All Formats

It recovers files from corrupt & formatted storage devices. The stellar tool has an edge over other software for it can recover images in both RAW and JPEG format including BMP, GIF, PSP, PNG, JP2, etc.

Repairs Corrupt or Damaged Videos

It is not only limited to the recovery of files but also efficient in repairing corrupt or damaged videos and recovers them into original form. This shows its versatility.

Restoration from Corrupt or Formatted Storage

It is not limited to just accidental deletion. It also features a restoration of photos and videos (& audio files) lost due to corruption in the storage.

Recovery of Unicode Files

The Mac Photo recovery tool also supports the recovery of Unicode files which eliminates the need for a converter or any other supporting software.

Deep Scanning

This feature enables the recovery of files that couldn’t be found with a normal search. Thus, it is a comprehensive file signature-based search aimed to recover files in tough cases of data loss.

Bit-Locker Support

Able to operate drives that are encrypted with BitLocker.

Retrieve Detailed File Information

Along with the recovery of the files, it also facilitates the retrieval of detailed information. The information includes the file name, original date timestamp, camera model/name, and resolution.

Customized Selection for Recovery

The Stellar Tool has an option for a customized selection of the files, driver, or the entire system to scan and the files are then available for preview and restoration.

User Friendly

It helps you recover files in three easy steps and also supports live preview, multiple-files restoration at a time, multiple-file saving options, etc. These make the tool user-centric and easy-to-use. Moreover, it is compatible with all operating systems.

Wide Support for Storage Devices

Stellar Photo Recovery software facilitates recovery from all types of cameras, including USB, drives, security cameras, HDD, and other digital storage devices.

Supports Large Configuration

Most of the tools in the markets fail to work properly on devices with large storage capacities. This tool works smoothly with large storage devices with configurations as large as 6 TB and more.

Create an Image of Selected Media

Bad sectors develop on drives out of continuous usage that makes data stored on the device inaccessible. The Stellar tool gives you an option to create a sector-by-sector image of the entire or a selected range of media. Further, this image can then be used to recover data.

Free Technical Support 24*5

It provides technical assistance to its users for smooth operation and usage.

Stellar Photo Recovery tool also assesses hard disk’s health and temperature indicating HDD wearing signs of the drive if any through its SMART data and information systems.

There are various questions afloat online that mention Sony a7iii photo recovery and Sony cyber shot photo recovery software. This tool Stellar Photo recovery software is the answer to all.

The stellar Photo recovery tool is available for both Mac and Windows.

So, let us know the system requirements of the Stellar Photo recovery Software for each of them.

Stellar Photo Recovery Software System Requirements:

For Windows

Operating SystemIt is compatible with all Operating systems – Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP
Required Memory2 GB minimum. 4GB is recommended for smooth functioning.
Hard Disk RequirementAvailable free space- 250 MB

For Mac

Operating SystemmacOS Catalina 10.15, macOS Mojave 10.14, High Sierra 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8 & 10.7
Required Memory2 GB minimum. 4GB is recommended for smooth functioning
Hard Disk Requirement

Available free space- 250 MB



Supported File formats:

Photo FormatsNikon (.NEF, .NRW), Kodak (.KDC, .DCS, DRF, .D25), Olympus (.ORF), Panasonic (.RAW, .RW2), Sony (.ARW, .SRF, .SR2), Fuji (.RAF), Sigma (.X3F), Pentax (.PEF), Minolta (.MRW), and Canon (.CRW), etc.
Audio File FormatRPS, MP3, AU, WAV, MIDI, OGG, AIFF, RM, WMA, RA, M4P, M4A, ACD, AMR, AT3, CAFF, DSS, IFF, M4R, NRA, and SND, etc.
Video File Format



How to get Stellar Photo Recovery tool- the best Sony photo recovery software?

Stellar photo recovery tool software is easy to buy. We can fetch the software in five easy steps:

  1. Firstly, Visit the Official Stellar Website.
  2. Secondly, Click on ‘Buy now’.  Then, select the pack you want to purchase (Premium/ Technician)
  3. Fill in the billing details.
  4. Payout. Thereafter, get your activation key and download link auto-delivered in your e-mail.
  5. Lastly, download the software. Install and activate.

This software can be used as, sony a7iii photo recovery, sony cyber shot photo recovery software,  and can be used to recover photos from any camera.

Moreover, you can say this is the answer to how to retrieve lost photos from sony camera.


How to install the Stellar Photo Recovery tool?

Once you purchase the software, the link to download software, and the key to activate the software is delivered instantly via e-mail. So, what’s next? Installation.

So, here is a quick guide to installation:

  1. Firstly, Double-click StellarPhotoRecovery.exe, the downloaded executable file to start the installation.
  2. Secondly, click ‘Next’. License Agreement dialog box is displayed.
  3. Thirdly, tick I accept the agreement option. Thereafter, Click ‘Next’. Select Destination Location dialog box is displayed.
  4. Hit ‘Browse’ to select the desired path where the setup files get stored. Click Next. Select Start Menu Folder dialog box is displayed.
  5. Thereafter, click ‘Browse’ to provide a path for the program’s shortcuts. Then, click ‘Next’. Select Additional Tasks dialog box is displayed.
  6. Tick checkboxes as per your choice. Then, click Next. Ready to Install dialog box is displayed.
  7. Then, click Install to start the installation. The Installing window shows the installation process.
  8. Lastly, click ‘Finish’ on the displayed wizard window.

How to Use the Stellar Photo Recovery Tool?

The Stellar Photo Recovery Tool is user-centric and its easy-to-use interface makes it the most appropriate Sony photo recovery software.

Follow these steps to know How to retrieve lost photos from Sony camera

  • Firstly, launch the Stellar Photo Recovery Software.

Stellar photo recovery software mac windows

  • Secondly, recover Photo, Audio & Video screen is displayed. Select the location (the drive, volume, or external media) from which you want to restore files.

preview - photo recovery software for windows 10 mac

  • Thirdly, click ‘Scan’.
  • Select the photos you want to recover.
  • Lastly, click On ‘Recover’.

completely free photo recovery software

This tool is the answer to how to recover deleted photos from camera of any type.




This is how you can use the Stellar Photo Recovery Tool to recover deleted pictures from Sony Camera.


The easy-to-use, user-centric interface and the versatility of Stellar Photo Recovery Software make it the best Sony photo recovery software. It can be used to recover photos from all types of cameras and digital media sources.

The flexibility of the software used for recovering corrupted video, audio files makes it a multi-purpose multi-media tool.


Can I recover deleted photos from my Sony camera?

Yes, you can recover deleted photos from Sony Camera using the Stellar Photo Recovery tool.

Is Stellar Photo recovery tool free?

No, but a demo version is available. The demo version offers a Scan and Preview of your lost/deleted photos, videos, and audio files.

However, you have to purchase the product for recovering the lost files.

Can you retrieve deleted pictures from a Sony camera?

Yes, you can retrieve the deleted pictures from a Sony Camera.

However, it can be retrieved unless and until the allocated memory to the deleted picture is not overwritten by some other new photos.

Can I recover the data from a formatted memory card?

Yes, you can. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Firstly, connect your memory card to the computer
  • Secondly, launch Stellar Photo Recovery Software.
  • Thirdly, select the memory card from where you want to recover. Hit Scan.
  • Thereafter, a list of found photos, videos, and audio files appear. Select, preview, and click Recover.
  • Lastly, browse the location to save the recovered files. Click Start Saving.

We hope this blog answered all your queries related to recovering lost photographs, sony a7iii photo recovery, sony cyber shot photo recovery software, etc.

Post your further queries in the comment section below.

Stay tuned!

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