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Unbiased Stellar Photo Recovery Software Review

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Stellar photo recovery software review
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Are you bearing the muddle of losing valuable data? Then we are going to bring forth about stellar photo recovery software review, its accuracy, and safety.

Hence, this software has a user-friendly interface that conscientiously recovers all the lost photos and videos.

Moreover, the Stellar photo recovery software is also available for both the Windows and Mac versions.

So, if you are the one suffering from the agony of losing priceless data then, this blog is only for you.

However, below..we’ll furnish the best photo recovery software here which is the most proficient tool to restore the lost and worthy photos and videos.

Stellar Photo Repair Review

The Stellar photo repair tool is a highly effective photo recovery tool that is trusted by users worldwide.

Moreover, coming with high and efficient technical skills this data recovery software recovers lost photos and videos from all the variants.

Moving on, along with recouping photos and videos this software also recovers the audio files.

Nonetheless, you have lost your photos or videos due to deletion, corruption, or any other… this Stellar software will solve your problem in any situation.

Note: Stellar Photo Recovery Software is available in both FREE & PAID version… With Stellar Free Version, you are allowed to scan and preview your deleted photos… However, in order to save or download those deleted photos, you are required to go for its licensed version… Means you need to purchase it…!! But always remember, do purchase Stellar Photo Recovery Software only from its Official Website…


So, this was the stellar photo recovery software review let’s have a glance at some of its system requirements.

Stellar Photo Recovery Software: System Specifications



Operating System

Windows 10,8,7, Vista, XP


2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)

Hard Disk

250 MB free space


About the product… [Best Photo Recovery Software]



Standard, Professional, Premium & Technician


Single User

Language supported

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

Release Date

March 2020

Thus, going ahead have a peep at some of its advanced features in a detailed manner which will be useful for you to have meticulous information about the Stellar photo recovery software tool.

Comprehensive Features of Stellar the Best Photo Recovery Software

Here are listed highly salient features of Stellar Photo Recovery Software, which makes it absolutely distinct from the other photo recovery tools available in the market…

  • Recovers Memory Card

Being the Best Photo Recovery Software out there this tool Restores your lost photos and videos from corrupted/ inaccessible memory card (mini, micro, SDHC, and SDXC), memory stick, compact flash, CF card, smart media, multimedia, and all the other flashcards.

  • Recovers Deleted Photos

The professional edition of the software stellar photo recovery software restores the lost photos and videos from all the storage media files.

  • Supports all the Image Formats

Unlike the other photo recovery tools in the market, the Stellar photo repair software supports all the RAW and jpeg image formats which are very easy to use.

  • Recuperates videos and audios files

The most popular stellar photo recovery software supports the recovery from all the video formats (MP4, 3GP, AVI, MPEG, Matroska, MKV, DIVX, VOB, SVI, MIDI, TOD, MOV, MQB, etc.) and also the audio files (MP3, AU, RPS, WAV, OGG, RM, NRA, SND and many more).

  • Supports All the Media Storage

You may suffer from the problem of losing the lost photos, videos, and audios files, but don’t worry the stellar photo repair software will detain all your agony.

Thus, it supports all the SD card models like San Disk, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, etc.

  • Saves the Scan Files and Resumes the Recovery

The highly proficient photo recovery software saves the generated information from the drive to the desired location. However, you can choose the saved result and then resume the recovery of the desired files.


  • Supports Unicode File Recovery

Along with recovering from different types of media and file formats this photo recovery tool also stands out as the best software in the market by supporting Unicode recovery.

  • Both the recovery and repair facilities

The premium edition of the software not only recovers the deleted photos and videos but also repairs the corrupted photos and video files.

  • Eminent Among Photographers and Videographers

This tool is mostly loved by all photographers, designers, and videographers and also supports the RAW recovery from any digital camera.

  • Supports the Recovery from Encrypted Files

The awesome photo recovery software restores all the lost photos, videos, and audios from encrypted drives without doing any harm to the lost data.

  • Furnishes Speedy Recovery

The Stellar Photo Repair Tool is a very fast and effective tool in the market that provides fast and easy recovery of the lost photos, videos, and audios.

Moreover, the tool is also available for the Mac version for those who are looking for the Stellar photo recovery Mac.

  • Gives SMART Information of Your Storage Device

By providing the SMART information of your storage device this photo recovery tool reveals the health and temperature of your Hard Disk and similarly also provides timely backups.

  • Adds Your Own File Type for the Recovery

The brilliant feature of the Stellar photo recovery software aids in providing the editing of existing file types and after that add new file headers automatically or manually.

Nevertheless, the stellar tool also comes for the android version for those who are seeking the stellar photo recovery android tool.

Hence, These were some enticing features of the versatile Stellar photo recovery tool along with the Stellar Photo Recovery Software Review.

Now, moving ahead knowing so much about the software you must be wondering about buying it so, you must know about the pricing plan as well.

Hence, below is the list of pricing details of the Stellar photo repair tool…

Stellar Photo Recovery Price detail

For Windows







For Mac








Now, you have an idea of the Stellar Photo Recovery Price for both the Windows and Mac versions.

Moreover, at so budget-friendly rate you’ll get the most efficient tool which will recover your lost photos, videos, and audios in no time.

How to Use Stellar Photo Recovery Software

For Windows

  • Select the location where you want to recover the media files. Now, click scan.

how to use Stellar photo recovery -step 1

  • Now, after the scanning process preview all the recoverable files.

how to use Stellar photo recovery - step 2

  • Select the photos, videos, and audios files you want to recover. Now, save them at the desired location.

how to use Stellar photo recovery software - step 3 - stellar photo recovery software price


For Mac

  • Select the photos, videos, or audios you wish to recoup.

how to use Stellar Photo Recovery Mac - Step 1

  • Now, select the location where you wish to restore the desired files.

how to use Stellar Photo Recovery Mac - Step 2

  • Preview the files and now recover the selected files.

how to use Stellar Photo Recovery Mac - step 3 - stellar photo recovery software price


So, this was an overall guide on how to use the Stellar photo recovery software.

Moving ahead, let’s get to some of the other aspects of the tool which is necessary to know about.

Getting to the point we are talking about the Stellar photo recovery crack.

Well, you must be aware of this word as it is the most famed tool in the market, however, there is a reason why this tool is so much prominent among the users which we’ll tell you below…

Stellar Photo Recovery Crack.

Like much other software out there stellar also comes with its free version which is Stellar photo recovery crack.

Moving on, being a free version, it provides all the eminent features of the stellar photo recovery tool at no cost. This means you don’t have to lose your pocket while using this free version.

Nonetheless, this crack version is not developed by the official developer and available on some third-party websites.

Well, there is also another reason why it’s not available on our website as it is developed with some malicious intention by the other party.

Hence, this version comes with too many fraudulent programs that intend to steal or corrupt your precious photos or videos.

However, this version seems so lucrative and profitable you are not recommended to go for this crack version.

It may take out your stuff without your consent and transfer it to any third-party.

Moreover, going through Stellar Photo Recovery Software Review you must have apprehended that you should always go for this tool only.

One thing you must need to remember that you should always buy the stellar photo repair tool from its official website.


Getting ahead, along with the crack version there is also another term that is very popular, Stellar photo recovery activation key.

Let’s get in detail about this term too…

Stellar Photo Recovery Activation Key

The stellar activation key is a kind of code that is required by the users at the time of installation of the tool.

However, when you purchase the tool you are provided with the activation key code. At the time of installation, you are required to enter the code.

As you know that the Stellar photo recovery software comes with the premium, technician, and standard edition the activation key also has the same requirement.

Hence, without this activation key, you won’t be able to run the stellar photo recovery software on your system.

To get this Stellar Photo Recovery Activation Key, you need to purchase from its official website.


Now, you have overall information about the Stellar photo recovery tool.

It is the most used and trusted software in the market let’s have a look at the reviews given by the users after experiencing the tool.

Stellar Photo Recovery Software Review by Users

Stellar offers too many products for its users in addition the professional one is the best.

Cheryl L

Feel very lucky after purchasing the tool saved my job from being fired.

Samantha N

I lost almost 100 photos from my Hard Drive the tool helped me in recovering all the lost photos with ease.

Daisy P

This tool helped me to recover all the missing data.

Miguel c

Also read the review is stellar photo recovery safe Reddit….


This was an overall Stellar Photo Recovery Software Review and all the other terms related to it.

However, losing your worthy photos or videos might be a big ache for you and it’s not tolerable at all.

So, to encounter these typical problems always go for the Stellar Photo Recovery Software only.

HENCE, after using this tool, you will understand its comprehensive features and the reason behind our recommendation.

But you should take a quick step after the problem arises and stop saving new photos and videos to your device, as it will overwrite the spacious file and will create the problem while recovering the data.

Above all hopefully, you enjoyed going through the blog and got all the relevant information.

However, if you have any issues or suggestions regarding this post feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

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